Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kubla Con all done

Finished up the tourney yesterday and came in an uninspiring 21st place out of 56 players.

To tell the truth this tournament I had a lot more fun hanging out with guys from Game Kastle and getting to know them better than really playing the games.

I faced 2 Imperial Fist SM lists that were all about shooting.  Not the best match up for me.  Needless to say I wasnt really able to close or bunker up against the FP that they both could dish out.  I made the first one work for his win and the second one we drew.  On the 3rd game I played a really nice guy that hadn't played in over 8 years before this tourney.  I basically surrounded his low model count nid army and executed it.  It was very cool to hear his stories though about his previous work with GW and knowledge of the beginnings of 40k.  I figured he was one of the original big tourney organizers in North America back in the Rogue Trader days.  What was a little odd was he claimed to be texting Andy Chambers(the author of the WitchHunter Codex) and was sending him pics of my army.  Who knows what that was all about.  I felt like telling him to tell him that PEs, Repentias and Arco-Flags are worthless units. and to get his act together and help GW write a new codex.

Another revelation for me out of Kubla was that I don't know how much I really like playing the Sisters anymore.  The list hasn't really changed in about 1 year and is feeling really generic.  My CSMs have tons more options and just are all around a lot more fun to play.  So for the first time I am starting to ponder selling my army but my laziness and remaining affection for the Sisters will probably keep that from happening.
What is scary is that I do have a shit ton of Sisters. Just looking at it today I have
3 Exorcists
4 Immolators (3 new one OOP)
3 Rhinos
40+ Regular sisters
18 melta girls
6 hvy flamer
4 MultiMelta
2 Hvy bolter
8 Superiors
1 Inquis
6 Arco-Flags
8 Storm Bolter sisters
2 Flamer Sisters
18 Seraphim
2 Canonesses

I wonder if I could get about $750 on ebay or not.

Regardless, Kubla was fun my only complaints were that I got slammed on painting again and the missions sort of blew.  A 6 objective game with DoW + Evening night flighting just sucks eggs.  Actually the first 2 missions really put a crimp in my army and gave shooting lists a ton of advantages against me even the 3 mission was sort of lame and just didnt seem tested.

I was stoked that the players from GK did very well in the tourney overall with the top general spot and other spots in the top 5 going to guys from there.  Oddly enough I had a lot more fun at Ard Boyz and this is really making me question if I want to do Kubla again next year. To be honest tourneys at GK are pretty cool with great prizes so it makes it rough to justify spending the entire day and the $45 sign up fee when I could just play for $10 and get better prizes with better missions.


  1. Why are you getting slammed on the painting?

  2. I have got to agree with anonymous; why on earth would you get slammed on painting. The paint work that I have seen on the blog is very nice.

    I stopped doing Kublacon for 40k a few years ago. Pacificon has much better 40k tourneys, lthough I missed it last year.


  3. Thanks for the compliments.
    I think there were a couple reasons.

    There was another Sisters army there that was really nice and had some awesome freehand work on the tanks. Also my generic Battle Sisters are pretty boo-boo but other than that I was a little surprised. Overall it was a well run tournament and the guys running it did a class job I am just not sure if one event is worth the $45 and weaksauce prizes. I will need to check out Pacificon I havent done that tourney in about 16 years when I used to play Axis & Allies in tourneys.

  4. From the pictures on Dan's blog I would expect your army to have done quite well Liam...maybe they are just anti-fems? - Ryan