Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Plague Marines

I am getting ready to paint some Plague marines but want to do something different. I am thinking of a brownish sorta color and after seeing this video I think these color schemes could really work: (edit:) They deleted the video. I am trying to think of a cool color scheme for the plague marines that would mesh with my other Red Corsairs. Something brownish/orange-ish could be cool.

Inspirational Mini's

Since I have got back into painting after a 12 year hiatus I can really tell the impact of the internet on hobbies and pretty much everything. I am constantly blown away by the talent of professional painters out there and also by the wealth of information that all of us have access to.
Got this pic from the recent GameDay in Toronto in which someone posted up HERE.


Been thinking a lot about adding in a Land Raider into my CSM army and last night I grabbed one on Ebay that was auctioning for super cheap. I know I shouldnt but like a moron I used some logic to convince myself that I needed it.

Debating on whether or not to get Kharn to throw in there with a bunch of zerkers or if Huron would be better. I know a lot of people arent fans of Huron but I like him and think he kicks a lot more ass than people think.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally done with my Celestians/Canoness

A couple of months ago I decided to dunk a bunch of the Sisters I painted early on into Simple green and give them another go. I painted them orginally just when I was getting back into minatures so I had some serious mishaps.

Like a fool I decided to paint them white and it really took some time to get them to where I wanted them. Overall I am pretty happy with how they turned out and to further my foolish behavior I am now thinking of redoing all 60-70 of my sisters like this.

Thinking about Girls

Just missing my Girls today. Been thinking about ways to get them rolling again and getting an effective list together. I wonder if getting some Vets Guardsmen and a Russ in with them would give them an added punch.

After playing CSMs for a while its really hard going back to an older codex army.

Looking at running this list for 1850:
1 Canoness Jump Pack, Cloak for Armor 2, Blessed Weapon, Book, Mantle
1 Seraphim Squad/4 girls one Vet Superior with Book and Eviserator
5 Sister Squads/10 girls in Rhinos EA/Smoke, 1 Hvy Flamer, 1 Melta and 1 Vet Superior with a book and Combi-flamer
3 Exorcists with smoke
1849 Points with 8 faith points
Seems sorta weak compared to what CSMs can field but those girl squads can be brutal with Faith. I sorta miss my girls but dont miss the chunder.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shout out to RosscoD's paint job

Just posting this up for my friend that helped me out with a Daemon Prince. Took some time but turned out great. Its gotten in a couple battles and performed great.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just cause you play CSMs doesnt mean you auto win

Learned that lesson last night.

Anytime I get a little cocky the gods of dice and my ability to pull defeat from the jaws of victory reminds me to always pay attention. These 3 MCs were the vanguard of my army and all got seriously mauled by Grey Knights and Templar. 2500 is a lotta army and can bring a lot of pain.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Get Ready to Rumble

Actually getting excited on hosting a nice afternoon/evening get together for 40k. Looking like we are gonna have a good turn out and should be able to have 4 tables going at once.

Hopefully the flake attrition isn't too great.


Being thinking a lot about terrain when I am hiking with the kids.

This is a photo I took of some abandoned mine shafts in Quicksilver park and it got me thinking about how to build some interesting ruins for our boards. Its crazy when you actually look around and realize how much natural cover there really is in almost every wild environment.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ard boyz list for scrimage

Throwing together an ultra cheese list for practice games:
2 DPs with lash/wings
1-5 man raptor squad
2-5 man chosen squads in rhinos, 1 AC 2 meltas/1 flamer
2-8 man Zerker squads in rhinos 1 Skull Champ with PF
2-10 man CSM squads in Rhinos 2 Meltas, AC
1 Summoned Greater Daemon (for fun)
3-3 oblit squads

Big debate for me is to maybe toss an oblit squad for a tri-las Pred and use the extra points to spread some meltas and maybe fists around.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fuck that Guy 1st Post

Want to try and do this once a week.

The "Fuck that guy" post

This week the "Fuck that guy" is the Painboyz.
Fuck this guy, his bike and his nasty ass boss.
This guy and all his biker friends make an Ork Nob Biker unit one of the most deadly in the game. I have to say I get great satisfaction killing him. He definitely deserves a Exorcist missile in the can.

Beer to consume this Summer

As always Beer must be consumed with summertime.
Here are a few of the ones I am enjoying this year. Thank god for Whole Foods
Awesome Beligian beer and well worth the $8
Acceptable Lager and good price. Little different than the Czech ones
The best Mexican beer and awesome with hot food and perfect for just sitting outside.

June 11th Game Kastle Tourney

Next time for sure I will have pics, I had the camera this week just no battery.

Good times had by all. It’s getting pretty comfortable at GK since I either recognize or have played against almost 75% of the people at the tournaments there.

I thought I would do better with my CSMs this time but I ended up facing some rough opponents and also made a couple really dorky moves early on in the first 2 games.

I ran the list that I brought to Anthony’s last week 1 CSM Sorcerer Lash, Huron, 2-7man Khorne Zerker Squads with a PF in rhinos, 2 CSM 10 man squads on foot with 2 meltas and a Chaos Glory Banner, 2-2 oblit squads, and 1 Pred with AC and HvyBolter Sponsons.

Round 1: Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar are far more deadly than I thought and its safe to say that I got my ass handed to me. I went for all 4 objectives but by turn 2 I was already playing for a draw. Their vehicles are very low armored but can dish out some serious direct fire and templates. The numbers they can field are extremely intimidating as well and I was really shocked to see so many raiders running around. Not my best game, most of my units sat around on objectives or got shot and Huron was worthless.

Round 2: Ork

The army was pretty different then what Dan usually fields or any of the Nob Bikerz that I have faced before. He had 2 Battlewagons and 2 or 3 trucks, 6 Kans, Forcefield dude, and a Warboss in Mech armor with MechNobs. I did pretty well but got bogged down in CC with the Kans who were a bitch. The high point for me that game was my Obliterators doing a Death or Glory and blowing up a Battlewagon. I engaged at his objective but was overwhelmed by 2 ork squads so I wasn’t able to clear him out. Also Huron got munched by a Kan which really sucked.

Round 3: Daemons

This one went well. I was seriously helped up some bad reserve rolls by my opponent and got to really bear down on 50% of his army with all of mine. High points for me were Oblits rocking his 2 Soul Grinders with Multi-melta love, Huron charging a pack of BloodCrushers and working them over completely and my CSM sorcerer with Zerkers rocking a Bloodthrister in CC. Felt bad for my opponent but it was nice to get a good solid win.

Hopefully next time more of us will be there and for sure it was a lot of fun. The turnout at GK is getting really impressive and the prizes were pretty cool: 3 Winners:general/Sportsman/Painting all got GK gift cards, Raffle: 1 $20 GW item of your choice, 1: $50 GW item of your choce and 1 $90 GW item of your choice.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Destroyer of Toliets and Exorcists:

Just had to find a plumber due to mysterious plastic objects being flushed down the toliet. And she still holds the title of Exorcists destroyer ever since she shattered 2 in less then 3 seconds.

Pics of Minis

Just to show that I actually do have 40k minis .

Here is the man himself HUROn:


Return and renewal

Gonna start posting even tho there is really no one following this so it doesnt matter too much :).