Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finally got a battle in: CSM vs BTs 1850

After all the family, new baby and job hunting craziness going on I finally got a chance to get a game in. Arrived a little late but was able to do rapid fire bedtime for my 2 eldest and even weathered some serious snarkness from my little girl. Then after a speedy drive to the wilds of Livermore I was able to throw down for a quick game.
I wanted to try out a new semi-competitive list based around Huron so I fielded:
CSM Sorcerer -MoS-Lash
2/ 7 man Plague Marine Squads with PFist, 2 meltas in Rhinos with a CombiMelta
1/8 man Zerker squad with a AC with a Pweapon in Rhino.
1/10 man CSM squad 2 Plasma Rifles and 1 PFist on foot with CG banner
2/3 Oblit Squads
1 Pred with AC and 2 Hvy Bolters.

I don't remember exactly with the BTs were but it was something like
Marshal dude
Grey Knight Grandmaster
Emperor's Champion
5 man termie squad with Lightning claws and THs, in LandRaider
2 9 man BTs mixed neophytes and reg marines in Rhinos
2 5man BT squads with LasCannons and MMeltas
1 Tri Las Pred
2 Land Speeders with Mmeltas

I was happy to not see a vinde since they are the bane of my existence but the list was pretty intimidating. For some reason I always feel really confident against BTs but they are a really powerful army and not to be underestimated.

Mission/Setup: Multi-objective and regular table edge
Deployment : BTs set up pretty standard with the LR in the middle leading the charge and the 2 rhinos on its flanks. The two 5 man squads were on the objectives and the TriLas Pred with lurking on my far left. The 2 speeders zipped around one in front of a rhino and the other tried to get on my flank.
I deployed pretty much in parallel but decided to focus more of my FP on the side with the objectives. I put my 2 oblit squads on my right side so that they could pretty much get continuous shots on his troops, put my CSM foot squad in cover across from one of his objectives and put the rhinos in the middle with my pred on the left just to try and draw fire.

First Turn.
BTs went first and just generally moved forward. His Pred took some shots at Huron's Rhino but just stunned it, one of my PM rhinos also got Immobilized but I dont remember who did it. Landraider moved straight up into my face and popped smoke and the little speeders zipped around, one in front of one of his rhino and the other to flank my Pred (which made me happy cause I didnt want it to come after my CSM Sorcerer rhino).
(picture was taken here)
CSM turn one was pretty blah. Just moved my Oblits into better position and blew up a Land Speeder. Also took so random shots that just blew and did nothing.

Second Turn.
BTs: Land Raider moved forward more, killed 2 oblits that I left out :(, and now was threatening my objective. Remaining speeder blew off my pred turret, and one of my rhinos got stunned.
CSMs: PM squad who became one of the stars of the game popped outta the immo Rhino and popped the Landraider with Meltas. CSMs then lashed the termies+GK into a nice Plasma Cannon template for the Oblits. The Oblits then destroyed all the BT termies and left the GK to be charged by the Plague Marines. Huron just sorta hunkered down in his rhino, my foot CSM squad moved up to start to assault an objective and my Pred immobilized and blew the weapon off the Land Speeder that was threatening it.

Nice turn for me and the lash got to really do some damage here. I was happy I got a chance to hit those termies before he got them out since those are always a bitch for me to deal with.

Third Turn
BTs: His Marshal backed off and Emperor's Champ squad embarked to go deal with my CSM foot squad which he destroyed. The BT Pred shot up the solo oblit and his 5 man squads kept sniping my rhinos and started to hurt my PM squad that was now out in the open.

CSMs: Another good turn for me: Now that I had my Sorcerer in a great position with no hood to worry about it was pretty much open season for the lash. So I could Lash the Emperor's Champ squad into the open for my oblits to Plasm them and then charge the remain Champ to finish him off. Huron went and crashed into a crater to immobilize his rhino but he was in a pretty good spot so it was ok. Also, my Plague Marine squad that was out in the open now went and attacked the Emperor's Champs empty rhino and blew it up just to tidy up the field.

Fourth Turn:
BTs: Secured himself on the 2 objectives with his 5 man squads and they took potshots at my PMs in the open and rhinos. His Tri las shook my Sorcerers rhino and other Rhino with BTs in it moved back.

CSMs: Sorta in mop up mode and didnt want to make any dumb mistakes (which can be my M.O.). Disembarked my Sorcerer so that I could lash a BT squad off an objective and to be plasma'ed. Oblits plasma'ed them and now moved into a better position and the rest of my army just popped off random shots and did nothing.

Fifth turn:
BTs: Moved Marshal's Rhino with troops back to cover the objective I just cleared, and took some shots with his pred and other 5 man squad on Huron's rhino.

CSM: Cleared off the other objective with the lash/oblit combo and secured my objective with PMs. Also moved Huron up to contest and attack the other objective.

Sixth turn:
called the game here cause we were pretty sure I would of secured my one objective and contested or if lucky cleared the other.

From the list there were a couple of things I might have to change:
Huron: I love the model and character but its hard to justify the points. If I do keep him in I have to figure out more ways to get him into combat since 50% of the time he just stays bunkered or gets destroyed out right.
CSM foot troopers: Dont know if they were worth it. The Plasma for sure was sorta bogus since they didnt shot shit. It has potential but I dont know if it was worth it.
Khorne Zerkers: I love them but same as above.
Predator: Now this might have to get tossed. The AC and Hvy Bolters in theory seem cool but they just seem like I am throwing spitballs at Space Marines. But it is an awesome bullet magnet and whenever people see predators they throw everything it even though its nowhere the strength of an Obliterator.

Overall it was a fun game, I know my lash was a little frustrating and on an objective game the lash is very effective. I was very happy to get a game in. It has been a long time since I have got to play and I have really missed it. Hopefully we can start getting in regular games again especially as the kids start to settle into a schedule again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Painting contest (continued)

Last one in the debate.

I love this mini for some reason and was really happy with how he turned out. Its for sure not a show stopper but I really like how he looks different than the typical Plague Marine

Painting contest (continued)

This is also one of my favorites. This is one that I had painted early on and then subjected to a Simple Green bath. I am really happy with how she turned out and now like her better than the flying nun mini that I converted myself.

Painting contest (continued)

Here is one of the minis I am thinking for the tourney. Its the Huron model and one of my favorite characters/minis in my CSM army. I have always really liked this one and wouldnt mind showing him off.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Painting contest

My local Game Store is prepping up for a painting contest and I am waging a fierce internal debate if I should enter something.

Tomorrow I am hoping to take some pics and ask for some hard critiques and opinions to see what might be cool to enter in.

Right now I am thinking of my Huron, a couple of the Plague Marines I converted, my Canoness with her Celestines or my Jetpack Chaos Lord.

I don't think in any way I could win but it would be fun to have my miniature displayed for a couple weeks at Game Kastle.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy B-day H.G. Wells

My first Sci-fi book that I ever really got into was War of the Worlds for a 4th grade book report. Since that time its been book after book for me and I will always be grateful to HG Wells for kicking off my love of reading.

Also so the interesting little tid bit that HG Wells wrote the first rule set for a miniature wargame: Little Wars . Whats odd is that when you read it, the rules have a lot of the odd "English-isms" that GW still uses :).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts

Haven't posted in a while due to family stuff going on but I think I will be getting back into the swing of things now.

Instead of diving into a new army I have decided to start focusing more on the ones I have.

I want to clean up my CSMs to a point where they can be competitive at the mid-range for the tournament painting contests and get my Sisters redone to where I really want them.

To kick off the endeavor I grabbed some new bases from MicroArt and now am scheming to start replacing all my IC and Squad leader bases. So far I go the "Spooky" one for my CSMs and want to get some for my girls but cant decide on one yet.

Any suggestions would be welcome or if anyone knows about another base maker besies MicroArt that looks good let me know.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

1k Sisters

There is a now a slim chance that I might be able to sneak to the 1k tourney after all so I am starting to throw lists around.

I basically have 2 choices. Either have 2 Girls squads in Rhinos or 3 on foot
This is what I am thinking:
1 Canoness with Book and Blessed Weapon, Celestian Retinue in an Immolator TLHvyF/EA/Smoke 1 Melta 1 Hvy Flamer, 1 Vet SUp with Eviserator
2 Rhinos with Sisters squads EA/Smoke Hvy Flamer/Melta one Vet Superior with Eviserator, one with CombiFlamer
2 Exorcists
The other option is have 3 girl squads instead of the 2 on foot and without the Combiflamer and Eviserator.
I could run into some real problems if my girls get caught out in the open or I get Spunky and throw them out there. Its a real turtle list and I am going to have to draw guys to me and hope that I can use the Rhinos/Immolator to get the drop on Squads and eliminate them without losing too much in return. Also I am going to bet heavy on the Exorcists putting a lot of Firepower out there and eliminating any armor on the table.