Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not reading Black Library right now

Sorta have ventured off the Black Library books since I got sorta stagnated in Ravenor. I have decided to take a break from them until the new McNeil and Abnett: Horus Heresy books come out.

But I
haven't stopped reading. Just finished the Forever War by Joe Haldeman which was a really fun read and also just re-read Pattermaster by Octavia Butler which is still one of my favorite books of all time. Both books couldnt be more different than each other but that's how I love reading Sci-fi.

Forever War is a very pulpy book and a great quick read. What I thought was pretty interesting was that Haldeman is a Vietnam vet with true combat experience but his actual combat writing wasnt as engaging as the stuff in McNeil's or Abnet's stories. I know that McNeil and Abnett aren't vets and this has given me something to think about. I suspect that those with no combat experience inherently romanticize combat and it shows in the writing/movies or whatever while those that have been through it know that it's a hellish experience that can't really be described and completely sucks at every level. Over all the Forever War is a good read and holds up pretty well to the tests of time considering it is over 30 years old. I liked the book and thought it was perfect for travel reading. I wouldnt go as far as saying it's the best Military Sci-fi ever like some but is is worth checking out.

Patternmaster by Octavia Butler is one of my favorite books of all time. I stumbled apon Octavia Butler's books when my wife was taking a Sci-fi reading class at UCSC and she had to read a couple of her novels. She is the type of author I wouldnt typically read but once I read that first book she became one of my top 5 authors. Her books really take any typical Sci-fi/fantasy reader out of their comfort zone and she handles some pretty heavy topics. The way she confronts issues of race and gender are really amazing and gets you thinking about issues and views that are insanely complex. I get annoyed that she is consistently defined as just an African American or Woman's issues writer when I find her topics to be very board, complex and should be interesting to everyone,
The reason why I re-read Patternmaster this time (this is my 3rd reading)was Ravenor. Both books deal with psykers in completely different ways. Octavia Butler really thought through combat between psykers and it is very cool. She also completely dives into a host of issues that Psy powers would generate on a social level and its really interesting. I thought Ravenor (the part I read) just didn't really dive into the whole consequences of Psy powers and ow complex This book is the 3rd in a series of books that are independent but in the same Universe. The other novels are Mind of My Mind, and Wild Seed, there are 2 others: Clay Ark, and Survivorist(which is out of print and impossible to find) but those aren't connected as much. Overall its a great book and she is a great author. Might be a little strange to the typical military sci-fi reader but I can highly recommend her books.

Friday, October 16, 2009

2000 points

Trying something new tonight with 2000 point lists. First time for this and I think it will make for some interesting games.

I need to make the decision to either go with
HQ: Flying Nun Canoness
3 Immolators Dominions, 1 TL Mmelta, 2 TL Hvy Flamers
4 Rhinos with Girls
3 Exorcists

10 tanks with 3 Immolators leading the charge could be pretty effective.

HQ: Canoness in Immolator and Inquistor Lord with Hood in Landraider
4 Rhinos with Girls
3 Exorcists
Callidus Assassin
So that one has the big Landraider running around and the Immolator/rhinos for mid range attacks. The long range firepower and Callidus could make a deadly first turn attack if I go first. Also the Callidus could provide some fun midgame action but I always sorta get underwhelmed by that. I wonder if a Culexus would be worthwhile with the Inquistor Psy Abilities but its hard to depend on Psykers being there to be effective. I have always been tempted to take a Culexus in a tournament to really mess with Psykers but am not sure if its valid or not.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Finally got a game in with my Sisters and felt a little underwhelmed.
Granted I had to play Tau which is pretty tough for me since they are one of the few armies that can match my range firepower and shrug off Exorcists missiles.

The list I rolled with had 2 immolators, 4 rhinos with girls and 3 exorcists. One of the Immolators with Dominions and the other was a Canoness with her retinue. Pretty standard list with heavy melta and flamer combos. The big problems that I had with the list were: 1: Inability to spend Faith points. With everyone in the tanks and depending on Exorcists I had no real way to spend faith points. There was one point in the battle that I could of spent some but I was sorta spacing out. I notice with Faith Points that if I dont get into the habit of spending them early I have a tendency to forget about em. 2: Inablity to cross over to the Tau gunline. This really hurt me and might of been cause I was too cautious. Maybe I should of pushed harder or maybe I should of kept flamers on my immolators instead of MMeltas and had a flying nun HQ just to advance quickily to their backfield. 3: Chundering Exorcists. This was probably one of the worst outings for my favorite heavy tank. I couldnt roll to hit and had some epic fails. My main problem with the Exorcists is getting consistant high rolls and my average dice luck blows. I know good generals make their own luck but man I can sure run cold on the rolls.

Next game I am hoping to move to a little different list. I am going to try and sneak in the Flying Nun HQ and run her behind 2 Immolators with Hvy Flamers. Hopefully that will give me a nice push and allow me to get into enemy lines.

The item of debate is whether or not it would be better to have one Retributor squad(2 HB, 2 MM) in with the exorcists or not. Also I am curious how run just a solo Flying Nun would do and if she would just get decimated out in the field or get in to do some damage.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why I am an idiot and choose white

Once again I decided to use white. The logic is that the white Immolator will hold my Canoness and her retinue but man its a pain in the can. Hopefully today I can get some time in to really layer the white paint on the model. Once I get this one done I will be able to get moving on the clean up project for all my Sisters tanks. I have some work to do there since they have taken some beatings and I have learned tons since I painted them.

If all goes well I should be able to field my 9 tank sister army for 1850.
4 Rhinos with Girls 1 melta/1hvy Flamer/vet sup with book
1 Immolator with Canoness +Retinue 1 melta/1hvy flamer/sup with Evis/Canoness with B.weapon
1 Immolator with Dominions 2 melta/2 flamer/Vet Superior
3 Exorcists

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bogged down in Ravenor

Dont know if I am experiencing a little bit of Black Library burnout but I am having a hard time getting into the Ravenor Omni. I think there are a couple factors but the main reason seems to be is that I am not really digging Ravenor as a character. Comparing him to Eisenhorn, Gaunt, and the characters in the Horus Heresy books he seems sorta weak.

I might just take a break for a bit on the book and go grab Margaret Atwood's new book today. I liked Onyx and Crake even tho a lot of people didn't and could go for something different.