Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why I am an idiot and choose white

Once again I decided to use white. The logic is that the white Immolator will hold my Canoness and her retinue but man its a pain in the can. Hopefully today I can get some time in to really layer the white paint on the model. Once I get this one done I will be able to get moving on the clean up project for all my Sisters tanks. I have some work to do there since they have taken some beatings and I have learned tons since I painted them.

If all goes well I should be able to field my 9 tank sister army for 1850.
4 Rhinos with Girls 1 melta/1hvy Flamer/vet sup with book
1 Immolator with Canoness +Retinue 1 melta/1hvy flamer/sup with Evis/Canoness with B.weapon
1 Immolator with Dominions 2 melta/2 flamer/Vet Superior
3 Exorcists


  1. Have you thought about using an one of those GW air guns for painting the tank?

  2. man I hate painting white, either it does not coat or drys up to fast or in some cases dried up before I even opened the stupid thing.....note to self stop buying paint for future use

    good luck with the white


  3. why didn't you start with white primer? a quick thinned wash will take care of the bulk of the shading, you can easily bring things back up to pure white from there, and all of the other details will just be painted as normal. Sure, you might want to back and paint metal areas black before you apply metallic paints, but you'd have saved yourself tons of time and hassle.