Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1500 CSM

I am dying to do a tourney and think I have a pretty sweet list for it
2 DPs Nurgle Wings Warptime
Greater Daemon
2/3 CSM bikers squads: 2 meltas and Champ with Pfist
4/5 CSM squads in Rhinos with 1 melta and combi-melta on champ
1/2 oblit squad

i have also pondered making the DPs Slannesh with a lash and WT, dropping the combi meltas and then adding another obliterator.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Sad day

My girls have started the long march to ebay.

I put the first sister squad, celestian squad +immolator and an Exorcists up last Friday.

I am sort of sad but I need to pair down my minis and the cash wouldnt hurt either.  The logic for this is that the girls are going to get a codex refresh soon and all my metals will be worthless. Plus with the price increases Sisters are super expensive right now as well.