Monday, July 11, 2011

First game of Warma-horde done

Privateer Press has another victim.

I had a great time playing and want to play more.  As expected I got pounded my first game since I had totally blew deployment and understanding of cover but thats ok.

The Feral Warpwolves are pretty awesome and even tho the internets seem to poo on her, Kaya seemed really cool to me.  I have some work to do but I think I am pretty set for now.  The only minis i am eyeballing now is the Lord of the Feast and some other Warpwolves.

Hopefully I will get some painting in this week and more games in soon.  I dont really want to post any pics or anything until I have my army painted up.  I hate fielding unpainted minis, it drives me bonkers.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First pics

Its been a while since I posted some mini pics so I decided to take some pics.

Here is the Warpwolf I am working on. Its a great mini even tho I struggled with the building for a couple hours and coated my fingers in superglue.

Its not based yet and I still need to do some work but at least I will have something painted for tonight's game:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Working on hordes

Been priming and building.

Work had me travelling a bit but this month I should be able to buckle down  and get working.  I have my 25 point army built but I bet its going to get reamed oftern
Kaya Wildborn
1 Argus
2 Feral WarpWolves
1 Reeves squad with standard and chieftain
1 Reeve hunter

More fluff than anything else and I have no clue how this will do.

Looking forward to the game tomorrow and hope that I dont suck too much