Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Warhammer 40k video games at E3

THQ is finally showing some trailers today.

Space Marine looks very cool:

If it has some of the same functionality from Gods of War, I will be very happy.  I will have to get this one.

But the MMO I hate it say it looks lame:

I had high hopes that it might be a small kill team-ish type set up were you are given a small squad to build up and combine forces with others to take on bigger objectives.  If you are just a dude running around like a typical MMO its just not going to work.  Can you see it now:  I am tank (Space Marine) you are DPS(Eldar Warlock), healer (Eldar something, or maybe Sister).  That's just lame.
Hopefully they have some better ideas with it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

W00T Game of Thrones trailer

The reason why I got HBO again.  I know its non GW related but I am so stoked on this:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

CSM Terminator Lord Model

This model rocks and is a lot of fun to paint.
For some reason they put it in the dorkest poses on the box and in pics but it is super cool.  Tons of conversion options and super high quality plastic.  Hats off to the GW designers on this one its a great kit.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to the bad boys

Now with kubla wrapped up and no real tourneys in sight for the next 3 months I have decided to focus in on the CSMs for a bit.

One of the cool things about playing CSMs is the shear amount of plastics and conversions that it lends itself to.  Right now I have 3 little projects to do that will not cost me anything.

CSM bikers
I have 6 bikers that I picked up at the GK flea market and have been pondering how to use them.  It would be cool to make one a Nurgle Lord with the rest of the bikers being his crew but I am not sure.  They are fun looking models and after seeing more of them at Kubla I have some ideas.

More Zerkers:
Just logistically needs to happen.  I want 2 solid 10 man squads of Zerks and realized I have less than I thought.  I have all the bits good to go and think that now I can do some nice conversions.

Terminator Lord:
I broke down and got the plastic termie lord and its a great model.  Ideally I would like to convert him into a cool Slannesh lord for the BlissGiver and Init6 attacks.   I might jump on this one first and I want to really make it a centerpiece of my army.

Lesser Daemons:
I have a ton of old Grenadier Hobgolblin mins that with some work could be some cool lesser daemons.  I also still have some plastic Bloodletters and just need to get cracking on them.  Ideally I would like to build up to 20 daemons just to have a solid option there.