Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to the bad boys

Now with kubla wrapped up and no real tourneys in sight for the next 3 months I have decided to focus in on the CSMs for a bit.

One of the cool things about playing CSMs is the shear amount of plastics and conversions that it lends itself to.  Right now I have 3 little projects to do that will not cost me anything.

CSM bikers
I have 6 bikers that I picked up at the GK flea market and have been pondering how to use them.  It would be cool to make one a Nurgle Lord with the rest of the bikers being his crew but I am not sure.  They are fun looking models and after seeing more of them at Kubla I have some ideas.

More Zerkers:
Just logistically needs to happen.  I want 2 solid 10 man squads of Zerks and realized I have less than I thought.  I have all the bits good to go and think that now I can do some nice conversions.

Terminator Lord:
I broke down and got the plastic termie lord and its a great model.  Ideally I would like to convert him into a cool Slannesh lord for the BlissGiver and Init6 attacks.   I might jump on this one first and I want to really make it a centerpiece of my army.

Lesser Daemons:
I have a ton of old Grenadier Hobgolblin mins that with some work could be some cool lesser daemons.  I also still have some plastic Bloodletters and just need to get cracking on them.  Ideally I would like to build up to 20 daemons just to have a solid option there.

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