Monday, November 30, 2009

Rant at ForgeWorld WW2 rumor

I saw a rumor this weekend that ForgeWorld is thinking of releasing minis for a 20mm WW2 game.


This is one of the dumbest things I have heard of GW doing in a long time. The fact that they have resources to pour into something like this just bewilders me.

How hard is it for them to understand that they have a hardcore loyal fanbase out there that is willing to spend money if they just let them. They create so many of their own gates to purchasing new armies all the time and hearing this makes me just think they have lost it.

If I had some say at GW I would for sure be pushing ForgeWorld as hard as possible to make new armies for 40k and fantasy. Can you imagine how many asshats out there(myself included) would love to buy a ForgeWorld IG Tanith army, or Iron Snakes or even Inquistor forces using Eisenhorn and Ravenor as models. There are so many awesome ideas that they could use to fully utilize their own IP that it just boggles the mind that they leave so much money on the table

The agony of indecision

I thinking I am entering the phase where I over think my List and screw it up.

Been thinking about adding in a Flying nun to advance behind the mass of tanks. The strat would be to get her close behind tanks than advance fast on any hvy tanks out there while trying to avoid infantry fire. Ideally she could be an awesome way to use faith and draw tons of fire with her 2+ Invul save. I would love to have time to playtest both but it might be rough to get in some more practice before the tourney on the 12th.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Smoke and Extra Armor?

I nuked out Smoke and Extra armor outta my Sister list to squeeze in another Immolator. I wonder if this is going to be bad news. Smoke has for sure saved a ton of my tanks but its not always a sure thing and I think pushing more tanks forward if really the way to go.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Tourney List

With some squeezing I was able to get another Immolator into the list.
11 Tanks total and this could be pretty deadly. My main concern is being confined on the heavy terrain boards at Game Kastle or creating my own traffic jams with blown up tanks.

1 Palatine with Celestine Ret with 2 meltas in an Immolator
3 Celestine 4 girl 1 Superior with 2 Meltas in Immoators
4 Battle Sister Squads in Rhinos with 1 Melta, 1 Hvy Flamer with Vet Superior
3 Exorcists

I had to drop extra armor and smoke which could be bad but hopefully I should be able to create my own cover and have some much armor that I will overwhelm anything.

IG could still really have my number for this but hopefully with so many tanks and with Exorcists drawing fire some Immolators can get in close and start ripping up their armor.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Got another immolator

Broke down and got the bits to build another Immolator.

Now I just need to figure out how to squeeze in 4 and possibly drop a Exorcist to make it happen.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sisters and Tanks

I stoled this from: YesTheTruthHurts and this is one of the coolest things for my Sisters that I have learned.

YTTH can be a little dickish but the guy writes some good stuff and its awesome that he has playes Sisters. You gotta take it with a little grain of salt since he loves to be as competitive as possible but the dude has some good points and I think has a place in 40k community. There is some great Sisters Tactica there and this tank deployment made a huge difference for me my last couple games.

I don't have the budget these days to field the ultra Immolator armies that he puts up there but I am definitely going to try and field as many as possible. They are a much better unit than I originally thought and provide some great punch to my army.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Great winter beer and ideal for the winter time. The only thing to watch out for is that it does pack a punch at 7.8% alcohol but that can be a good thing :).

Its a great German beer and shows off the Doppelbock style really well. Back in my brewing days we tried to reproduce this beer with a couple disastrous results so now I leave it to the Germans.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sisters rolling hard

I have decided to roll Sisters in the Dec 12th tournament at Game Kastle. I got to get in some practice against Orks and Templars and was happy with the results.

The list I ran had 3 Immolators, 3 exorcists, and 4 rhinos with girls. All the Immolators had 2 melta girls in em with the Twin Linked Heavy Flamers and the girls were pretty vanilla with a Vet Superior, Melta and Hvy Flamer.

In both games I really used my faith points liberally and it worked out very well. That is one thing I will need to remember in the Tourney is to use up all my Faith Points like its the last turn. I was especially happy in some ways with the second game even tho I lost by a couple kill points. On Turn2 I lost all my Exorcists but was still able to wipe out a ton of Orks and remain in contention. The 3 Immolators really made a nice difference and I know they scare the hell outta orks. Hopefully I can get in some more games and I think if I don't play with my head up my ass at the tourney (which is always a 75% chance) I could do pretty well. Wouldn't mind getting a shot at IG with this list just to see what I would have to deal with but I think I am good to go.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tourney List

That last list I put up was crap so now I am debating between the girls or CSMs.

For Girls I am thinking
Canoness Book/Cloak/Blessed Weapon/Inferno Pistol/Mantle
Celestine Retinue 4 girls, 2 Meltas, 1 Superior in
Immolator TLHFlamer
2 Celestian Squads in Immolators TLHflamer with 2 Meltas
4 Sister Squads in Rhinos EA/Smoke. 1 Melta, 1 HFlamer, Vet Superior with Bolter and book
3 Exorcists

Kharn with 3 Termies in LandRaider
4 CSM squads in rhinos with Melta/flamer
2/2 oblit squads
1 Pred with AC and HvyBolters

Little more pop but still pretty small. I like the idea of Kharn charging out from a Land Raider.

Overall I think I just need more practice. My last games went pretty badly and I felt pretty lost from turn one. I havent had a chance to play much in the last 2 months and I think its starting to show. But playing the new IG isnt really a morale booster either.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Potential Tourney List

Our local game store is running a little 1850 tourney and I am thinking of bring a mean CSM list.

Right now I am thinking
2 CSM Sorcerers with Lash
2 Plague Marine 7 man squads 2 Meltas 1 champ with PF rhinos
2 Zerker 8 man squads 1 champ with PF rhinos
3/2 oblit squads

and I have some extra left over

Seriously this list looks really small and sorta weak. I do have another list that I am toying with that rolls with 10 man csm squads in rhinos and some lesser daemons but I think it would get worked. It is really tough to get a list together for CSM that is competitive that doesn't depend on a lash and Obliterators. I know CSMs are pretty brutal and for sure competitive but comparing their codex to Ork, SM, IG and now SW they really lack character and numbers.

Any advice would be awesome or some links. Hopefully I will be able to get some practice in.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chaos Lord

For Fluff purposes I have always liked rolling with Huron but he is a wee expensive. He comes in at 170 but he can be a beast.
I can get a Chaos Lord with a Bloodfeeder for 155. The Chaos Lord doesn't have Warptime but the Bloodfeeder is pretty gnarly and could do a lot of damage. I can also throw a Combi-Melta with him so that he could possibly pop some armor as well.

I know Chaos Lords are not too popular for the more serious lists but he does seem pretty nasty too me.