Monday, November 30, 2009

Rant at ForgeWorld WW2 rumor

I saw a rumor this weekend that ForgeWorld is thinking of releasing minis for a 20mm WW2 game.


This is one of the dumbest things I have heard of GW doing in a long time. The fact that they have resources to pour into something like this just bewilders me.

How hard is it for them to understand that they have a hardcore loyal fanbase out there that is willing to spend money if they just let them. They create so many of their own gates to purchasing new armies all the time and hearing this makes me just think they have lost it.

If I had some say at GW I would for sure be pushing ForgeWorld as hard as possible to make new armies for 40k and fantasy. Can you imagine how many asshats out there(myself included) would love to buy a ForgeWorld IG Tanith army, or Iron Snakes or even Inquistor forces using Eisenhorn and Ravenor as models. There are so many awesome ideas that they could use to fully utilize their own IP that it just boggles the mind that they leave so much money on the table


  1. You underestimate how common historical tabletop is especially in the UK. This is a huge market, and while GW is alienating a lot of veterans, maybe FW is seizing a great opportunity.

  2. Historical tabletop is pretty huge here in the States. If I personally had the time and money for another game I would be playing a Russian Flames of War army.

    But more my point is that GW just seems to have the strangest agenda. Spending years not releasing models for armies and negelecting you own IP just seems crazy. Whenever I have worked somewhere that starts reaching for "new business" it usually shows the upper management wants something new to claim internally or they are underestimating the willingness of the customers to buy more. Just imagine how many UK 40k players would die for the chance to buy a Tanith or Blood Pack army.

  3. Yepp, and GW would be stupid to allow FW to produce "real" Blood Pact or Tanith models. After the huge success of the DKoK GW doesn't want to give away another thing that will sell itself.

    I've heard some rumors that FW wanted to make an all-female Guard regiment, but GW refused to give their permit because the idea is too good to give away even when they don't plan to do it by themselves in the near (or far) future...

  4. An all female guard regiment would be pretty cool. It just seems strange to me how they release models. IMHO I really think that ForgeWorld would be better suited to supplement GW's existing army lines with high end named models or really special armies.

  5. Not to rain on anyone's rant or anything, but the "rumor" is actually a piece of fact that Warhammer Historical (who are a part of the ForgeWorld team now) will be releasing a WW2 game written by Warwick Kinrade on his own time. Much like they released Legends of the High Seas etc etc.

    This is not a "New game by Forgeworld" that will be supported by a miniature line or anything similar, just a continuation of business as usual by Warhammer Historical.

    No resources are being pulled away from WFB or 40K projects.


  6. True

    I was having fun being inflammatory. That makes more sense