Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tourney List

That last list I put up was crap so now I am debating between the girls or CSMs.

For Girls I am thinking
Canoness Book/Cloak/Blessed Weapon/Inferno Pistol/Mantle
Celestine Retinue 4 girls, 2 Meltas, 1 Superior in
Immolator TLHFlamer
2 Celestian Squads in Immolators TLHflamer with 2 Meltas
4 Sister Squads in Rhinos EA/Smoke. 1 Melta, 1 HFlamer, Vet Superior with Bolter and book
3 Exorcists

Kharn with 3 Termies in LandRaider
4 CSM squads in rhinos with Melta/flamer
2/2 oblit squads
1 Pred with AC and HvyBolters

Little more pop but still pretty small. I like the idea of Kharn charging out from a Land Raider.

Overall I think I just need more practice. My last games went pretty badly and I felt pretty lost from turn one. I havent had a chance to play much in the last 2 months and I think its starting to show. But playing the new IG isnt really a morale booster either.

1 comment:

  1. I like the Sisters list but I worry about it on a GK board. your 4 rhinosand 3 immolaters need to advance that is 7 piecesof armor on a crampped board to deal with.

    for chaos not sure I am sold on karn, but he makes that unit more ferocious. I still think the single lash sorc goes a long ways to shaping the battle