Monday, January 19, 2009

Jeriko Estates

Great deal at Lunardi's Market in San Jose for $6.99(reg $25.95 on their site).  
This is not a bad Syrah at all and is definitely a great bargain.  Overall it is a full bodied Syrah that is a great companion to Pork or other lighter meat dishes.  I enjoyed it quite a bit with Pork Chops and Pasta.

For the Price and the quality I highly recommend this wine and am personally going to picking up more bottles.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Segura Viudas ARIA Pinot Noir

This is an awesome deal and a great wine.  It puts people off a little since its sort of reddish but its a great deal and wine.  At my local shop it costs $8.99 and it is great for parties or any type of social event.  If you want to be a hero at Xmas time this is the wine to buy a case of and hand out to everyone.  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Missing the Tourney today

Sorta bummed out that my girls gotta stay home today but more important things have come up.  Maybe next time the Sisters can make an appearence and our little gaming group can have a good showing without me.  

Had a pretty nice list ready:
4 Sister squads in Rhinos
1 Seraphim Squad with 6 girls
1 Flying Nun of Doom
2 Exorcists

On a good note my CSMs are getting close and should be ready for the next gaming night :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kinton Wine Review

For real no reason at all, I figured my first post should be about a great deal on Wine.
Kinton Syrah from Santa Barbara, is really one of the top wines I have drank this last year.  For under $20 it is a wine that can compete with $100 wines.  It is perfect with  any sort of braised dish and actually can be drank just by itself.  At my local wine shop I can get it for $16.99 and its truly a great deal.

First Post

This blog will be dedicated to 4 things that I love and try to know something about.

PC Gaming:  Probably the most knowledable on this.  Worked in the industry for 10+years and have dealt with it on many levels.  I have played pretty much every PC game that is worthwhile in the past 14 years and know them pretty well.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Books and movies.  For almost a quarter century I have been reading and watching sci-fi and Fantasy books and movies.  

Wine: Come from a family of wine drinkers and consider myself a good budget hunter for wines.  I know this is random but when I find a good wine deal I will post it.

Warhammer 40k:  New hobby for me in the past year but its been an awesome diversion with the painting and bullshitting about it.