Monday, February 28, 2011

Ard boyz 2011 ?

For some completely silly reason I have been pondering Ard Boyz.

Last Ard Boyz I had an ok showing but mostly due to some luck.  So this year I would love to throw Abaddon on the table.

This is what I am thinking:
1 DP Lash Wings
2/3 biker squads, Champ with pfist and 2 meltas
4/5 csm squads in Rhinos with melta
2/5 Chosen Squads in Rhinos with 2 melta/2 flamer
2/3 Oblits squads
8 Plague Marines with 2 melta 1 champ with fist in LR with Abaddon.

I think the CSM squads are too weak but all they are for is to hang out on objectives, turtle in the rhinos and take pot shots with the melta.  I might need a little more beef but I think this list could be better than last time.  One change I might make is pull out Abaddon for Huron and then sneak in the Greater Daemon but I will need champs.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to painting

Back into it.

I started painting my CSM bikers on Friday and have been thinking about it a ton.

I will post some pics today or tomorrow and I am pretty happy with how they are coming along.

Now if I could just learn how to use them :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My last Ebay post on the girls

Even throwing this Canoness up there today.

This was my first conversion and I was always pretty proud of this unit because I thought it represented the Flying Nun Concept really well.

Hopefully someone grabs it and has fun with it.  In a way it is sort of liberating to unload the army but I know I will miss the minis when the new codex comes out.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Last big batch of Sisters going out the door

My last big batch of Sisters is selling today after this batch I will just have odds and ends to auction.

I am a little sad but hopefully someone who plays will get their hands on them and have a good time.  If you check out my blog and get any of the items please let me know.  It would be cool to keep tabs on the minis and hear about how they land and fair.  I hope the girls win some tourneys and games for whoever gets em.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sisters of Battle on Ebay WAVE #2

Big wave today of girls going on Ebay.

This is the last big wave and then I have just odds and ends to throw up there.  I am a little sad about some of the girls going but the time has come to part ways with em.  I will especially miss this Sister Superior above since it was the first mini that I really accomplished blending with the cape.

I am hoping some cool Sisters players grab em and they get to see a lot of action.  They sure saw a lot with me.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Non-Fiction serious book

This book is insane.

Seriously I know this is mostly a 40k blog and focused in on Sci-fi but the shit in this book is nuts.

It proves the point that reality is always crazier than fiction.  S.C. Gwynne pulls no punches and has completely altered my view of American Indians forever. It is pretty shocking and very interesting.  Seriously for the first time it put a lot of American history in context for me especially our treatment of the Indian population.  I am not saying that it was justified in any way but it seriously sheds light on the entire story of the West.
Also if you live or go to the American SouthWest a bunch its worth reading just to really grasp the history of that region.  I highly recommend this book it will get you thinking.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ebay auctions on Sisters going for some good deals

There are some good deals in here and some great minis up here.

HERE is the LINK

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No love for the Arco-Flagellents

People on Ebay just dont seem to like these guys.  Even my Inquistor has bids.  I thought with the new GK codex and rumors about it might help it out.  Hopefully they will move soon. LINK

Monday, February 7, 2011

Selling a ton of Sisters stuff today on Ebay

Selling a good chunk of girls via Ebay today if anyone is interested.

I am a little bummed to see the Canoness and some others go but the time as come to start really moving this stuff.  The best deals up there are the Celestians with the Immolator.  They look great and are a kick ass unit.

Here is the LINK is anyone wants to check it out:  HERE

CSM bikers

I got a chance to play my CSM bikers this weekend and it got me thinking:

Do CSM bikers BLOW ASS or is it how I played em?

I ran them up and then they got nuked in game one and then in game 2 they didnt do too much against drop podders.  Actually in game 2 they were sort of cool cause the double melta action was pretty effective.

But with no Invul save they are really weak out there and can get decimated by just bolters and such.  So I am really thinking if they are worth the cost.  In a lot of ways I hope so since I am burnt on fielding the same exact units with my csms.

Friday, February 4, 2011

1850 CSM bikers

Finally I am getting some games in and now have permission for the 1500 tourney at GameKastle.

For tonight since the host is forcing us to play 1850
1 DP Nurgle Wings Warptime
1 DP Nurgle Wings Warptime
1 Greater Daemon
2/ 8 CSM squads with Melta and Champ in Rhinos
2/10 CSM squads with Lascannon, Plasmagun and Champ
2/3 Bike squads with 2 meltas and champ with pfist
2/2 obliterator squads

Not sure this will do that will but it could have a nice attack force.  I am figuring the oblits and CSM squads to put down fire and deal with flankers/deep strikers and the DPs, GD bikers and Rhinos to be a nice vanguard to hit anything that comes down or race across the map.

Regardless I think it will be fun and even tho the bikers sort of blow I like how the models look.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The end of the Wargamer GUT

About 3 months ago I decided to do something drastic about my weight and ended up jumping on the Dukan Diet.
If you are a Wargamer this diet is a billion times easier than painting over 50 figs  the same.  If you have the patience for that you can do this.
I have a new blog up HERE  with all the details, info and recipes if anyone is curious.
This has worked well for me but everyone is different so I dont guarantee anything.  Not trying to push anything just figured I would put it out there in case anyone also has gotten to the point that I was at