Friday, February 4, 2011

1850 CSM bikers

Finally I am getting some games in and now have permission for the 1500 tourney at GameKastle.

For tonight since the host is forcing us to play 1850
1 DP Nurgle Wings Warptime
1 DP Nurgle Wings Warptime
1 Greater Daemon
2/ 8 CSM squads with Melta and Champ in Rhinos
2/10 CSM squads with Lascannon, Plasmagun and Champ
2/3 Bike squads with 2 meltas and champ with pfist
2/2 obliterator squads

Not sure this will do that will but it could have a nice attack force.  I am figuring the oblits and CSM squads to put down fire and deal with flankers/deep strikers and the DPs, GD bikers and Rhinos to be a nice vanguard to hit anything that comes down or race across the map.

Regardless I think it will be fun and even tho the bikers sort of blow I like how the models look.

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