Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sisters rolling hard

I have decided to roll Sisters in the Dec 12th tournament at Game Kastle. I got to get in some practice against Orks and Templars and was happy with the results.

The list I ran had 3 Immolators, 3 exorcists, and 4 rhinos with girls. All the Immolators had 2 melta girls in em with the Twin Linked Heavy Flamers and the girls were pretty vanilla with a Vet Superior, Melta and Hvy Flamer.

In both games I really used my faith points liberally and it worked out very well. That is one thing I will need to remember in the Tourney is to use up all my Faith Points like its the last turn. I was especially happy in some ways with the second game even tho I lost by a couple kill points. On Turn2 I lost all my Exorcists but was still able to wipe out a ton of Orks and remain in contention. The 3 Immolators really made a nice difference and I know they scare the hell outta orks. Hopefully I can get in some more games and I think if I don't play with my head up my ass at the tourney (which is always a 75% chance) I could do pretty well. Wouldn't mind getting a shot at IG with this list just to see what I would have to deal with but I think I am good to go.

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