Friday, November 6, 2009

Potential Tourney List

Our local game store is running a little 1850 tourney and I am thinking of bring a mean CSM list.

Right now I am thinking
2 CSM Sorcerers with Lash
2 Plague Marine 7 man squads 2 Meltas 1 champ with PF rhinos
2 Zerker 8 man squads 1 champ with PF rhinos
3/2 oblit squads

and I have some extra left over

Seriously this list looks really small and sorta weak. I do have another list that I am toying with that rolls with 10 man csm squads in rhinos and some lesser daemons but I think it would get worked. It is really tough to get a list together for CSM that is competitive that doesn't depend on a lash and Obliterators. I know CSMs are pretty brutal and for sure competitive but comparing their codex to Ork, SM, IG and now SW they really lack character and numbers.

Any advice would be awesome or some links. Hopefully I will be able to get some practice in.


  1. Well as you brought a variant of this list to game night, I do not think this list holds up to the lists you will run into at the tourny.

  2. agreed

    I was just throwing this up on the page.