Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sisters tourney list with Flying Nun

I think I am going to have to roll with the Flying Nun HQ list. I was sorta waffling between both list but the fact that the bits for my Immolator havent shown up has made me go with only 3 Immolators.

This is the list that I am looking at having:
Canoness HQ JumpPack, Cloak, Mantle, Eviserator and Inferno Pistol
3 Celestine Squads in Immolators (TLHvyF EA Smoke), 5 Girls with 2 Meltas
4 Battle Sister Squads in Rhinos(Smoke) with Vet Superior and 1 HFLamer 1 Melta
3 Exorcists

The questions I have hanging are if the Inferno Pistol on the HQ is worth it since you have to get so close. Also I wonder if I have enough troop choices to hold down objectives. If budget stops being such an issue I would like to expand into some IG troops so that I can start fielding Chims but I cant do that yet.


  1. Plenty of troops. I think 3-4 is what you'll generally see at 1850, unless someone particularly decides to go crazy in that regard.

    I think it looks solid!

  2. Decided to dump the Inferno Pistol and Extra armor up all the Rhinos. Overall I am pretty happy with the list hopefully I will get some good wins.

  3. Good call on dropping the pistol. I think with these changes I can no longer 1 turn table you, but it will take 2 turns now