Monday, December 14, 2009

Not the best tourney for me

Got it handed to me at the tourney.

I am pretty disappointed in my showing at the local tourney. I know I had the superior army in the 2 games I played and I just really blew it. Both games I advanced when I had superior long range firepower and allowed myself to get wrecked. I don't know what it is, when I dont play for a while I have a tendency to be ultra aggressive for reasons that make no sense. The only thing I can think of is that I get too excited to be playing and then that translates into over confidence which is just stupid. I bowed out of the last game which made me feel ultra lame but the 2 loses and with the tourney going later than expected I had to bail due to time constraints. Also having to face the wrath of my wife and losing another game didnt seem too exciting to me. I have decided that I am not going to be doing tourneys anymore unless I can get some serious practice in before. I need to know the missions better and get a better feeling for my army. I know I have played the Sisters a billion times but I need to beat that overconfidence outta my game.


  1. i know this may sound stupid but maybe write yourself some post cards with notes on them for while you play.... Like "stop playing like a noob!" or "Seriously you are gonna rush in like that?"
    You could stick them in your codex next to the troups you make mistakes with.

  2. Maybe I should tatoo that on my arms.

    Naw I think the main deal is practice. What just pissed me off was that I have played CSMs before like I did in the first game and really whooped on them. I just got way to agressive and basically allowed him to assault me to death. The terrain was pretty rough for me but I didnt even really think through how to use it as well. The second game was against a Sisters army that I on paper outclassed but when I over attacked it I ended up really getting schooled. I should of just sat back in both games with my Exorcists and then counter attacked anything that came forward with my rhinos and Immolators. That was even my plan in my head going in, I just got really bullish once the games started.

  3. i agree with daughters, i play guard and always forgot marbo and other 12 inch powers, i also wrote up the orders so i could switch between them quicker..