Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1250 list of justice

Got to get in some good practice games last week against a Templar army (which was sorta mech challenged) but I am really starting to like this list:
HQ: Palatine with 5 girl Celestine Ret in ImmolatorEA/Smoke: 2 Meltas
2/5 girl Celestine Squads in Immolators EA/Smoke: 2 Meltas
2 Battle Sister Squads in Rhinos EA/Smoke: 1 Melta 1 Hvy Flamer, Vet Superior with Eviserator
2 Exorcists

Added in the Eviserators to the girl squads just so that they have some staying power on objectives. Against horde lists or anyone that is hurting on tank busting this list should do very well. Of course I am worried about IG and other shooty armies but I think I could do well with this. Tomorrow if I am lucky I should be able to get in some more games and hopefully my winning streak continues.

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