Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Finally got a game in with my Sisters and felt a little underwhelmed.
Granted I had to play Tau which is pretty tough for me since they are one of the few armies that can match my range firepower and shrug off Exorcists missiles.

The list I rolled with had 2 immolators, 4 rhinos with girls and 3 exorcists. One of the Immolators with Dominions and the other was a Canoness with her retinue. Pretty standard list with heavy melta and flamer combos. The big problems that I had with the list were: 1: Inability to spend Faith points. With everyone in the tanks and depending on Exorcists I had no real way to spend faith points. There was one point in the battle that I could of spent some but I was sorta spacing out. I notice with Faith Points that if I dont get into the habit of spending them early I have a tendency to forget about em. 2: Inablity to cross over to the Tau gunline. This really hurt me and might of been cause I was too cautious. Maybe I should of pushed harder or maybe I should of kept flamers on my immolators instead of MMeltas and had a flying nun HQ just to advance quickily to their backfield. 3: Chundering Exorcists. This was probably one of the worst outings for my favorite heavy tank. I couldnt roll to hit and had some epic fails. My main problem with the Exorcists is getting consistant high rolls and my average dice luck blows. I know good generals make their own luck but man I can sure run cold on the rolls.

Next game I am hoping to move to a little different list. I am going to try and sneak in the Flying Nun HQ and run her behind 2 Immolators with Hvy Flamers. Hopefully that will give me a nice push and allow me to get into enemy lines.

The item of debate is whether or not it would be better to have one Retributor squad(2 HB, 2 MM) in with the exorcists or not. Also I am curious how run just a solo Flying Nun would do and if she would just get decimated out in the field or get in to do some damage.


  1. In the games I have faced Tau I have used the standard tournie list based around flying nun, 3-4 mounted rhino mounted squads, seraphim and 2-3 exorcists. In all the games my heros were the lowly sister squads in rhinos. Exorcists were lost to broadsides and hammerheads, seraphim and flying nun would be way out of attack range and die to the gun line but the rhinos moving at 12 inches became a problem as I would drive as close to the gun line, wait a turn disembark and bolter and hvy flamer the lines. The Flying Nun running solo may work but I feel that the lack of seraphim may cause her to die earlier than expected but if you run a dominion squad with flamers and a 2nd squad with 5 stormbolters and keep her behind the moving flamer immolators it may work out to be a nasty surprise for a tau player.


  2. That's sorta what I am thinking with the nun. The plan would be to turtle her behind the Rhinos or Immolators and then have her pop out for a nice surprise. I think she could hand it to 10 FireWarriors in CC by herself. I also am trying to pad her with a Mantle so that she could take a big hit and not be insta killed. Tau is really brutal for Sisters thankfully they are pretty rare these days :).