Friday, October 16, 2009

2000 points

Trying something new tonight with 2000 point lists. First time for this and I think it will make for some interesting games.

I need to make the decision to either go with
HQ: Flying Nun Canoness
3 Immolators Dominions, 1 TL Mmelta, 2 TL Hvy Flamers
4 Rhinos with Girls
3 Exorcists

10 tanks with 3 Immolators leading the charge could be pretty effective.

HQ: Canoness in Immolator and Inquistor Lord with Hood in Landraider
4 Rhinos with Girls
3 Exorcists
Callidus Assassin
So that one has the big Landraider running around and the Immolator/rhinos for mid range attacks. The long range firepower and Callidus could make a deadly first turn attack if I go first. Also the Callidus could provide some fun midgame action but I always sorta get underwhelmed by that. I wonder if a Culexus would be worthwhile with the Inquistor Psy Abilities but its hard to depend on Psykers being there to be effective. I have always been tempted to take a Culexus in a tournament to really mess with Psykers but am not sure if its valid or not.

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