Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 11th Game Kastle Tourney

Next time for sure I will have pics, I had the camera this week just no battery.

Good times had by all. It’s getting pretty comfortable at GK since I either recognize or have played against almost 75% of the people at the tournaments there.

I thought I would do better with my CSMs this time but I ended up facing some rough opponents and also made a couple really dorky moves early on in the first 2 games.

I ran the list that I brought to Anthony’s last week 1 CSM Sorcerer Lash, Huron, 2-7man Khorne Zerker Squads with a PF in rhinos, 2 CSM 10 man squads on foot with 2 meltas and a Chaos Glory Banner, 2-2 oblit squads, and 1 Pred with AC and HvyBolter Sponsons.

Round 1: Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar are far more deadly than I thought and its safe to say that I got my ass handed to me. I went for all 4 objectives but by turn 2 I was already playing for a draw. Their vehicles are very low armored but can dish out some serious direct fire and templates. The numbers they can field are extremely intimidating as well and I was really shocked to see so many raiders running around. Not my best game, most of my units sat around on objectives or got shot and Huron was worthless.

Round 2: Ork

The army was pretty different then what Dan usually fields or any of the Nob Bikerz that I have faced before. He had 2 Battlewagons and 2 or 3 trucks, 6 Kans, Forcefield dude, and a Warboss in Mech armor with MechNobs. I did pretty well but got bogged down in CC with the Kans who were a bitch. The high point for me that game was my Obliterators doing a Death or Glory and blowing up a Battlewagon. I engaged at his objective but was overwhelmed by 2 ork squads so I wasn’t able to clear him out. Also Huron got munched by a Kan which really sucked.

Round 3: Daemons

This one went well. I was seriously helped up some bad reserve rolls by my opponent and got to really bear down on 50% of his army with all of mine. High points for me were Oblits rocking his 2 Soul Grinders with Multi-melta love, Huron charging a pack of BloodCrushers and working them over completely and my CSM sorcerer with Zerkers rocking a Bloodthrister in CC. Felt bad for my opponent but it was nice to get a good solid win.

Hopefully next time more of us will be there and for sure it was a lot of fun. The turnout at GK is getting really impressive and the prizes were pretty cool: 3 Winners:general/Sportsman/Painting all got GK gift cards, Raffle: 1 $20 GW item of your choice, 1: $50 GW item of your choce and 1 $90 GW item of your choice.

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