Friday, May 14, 2010

Ard Boyz 2010

Going in to most likely get my face smashed.

Decided to roll with CSMs since its the easiest to field and this is last minute.  I am still planning on girls for Kubla but I dont have the minis to get up to 2500 with Sisters really effectively.

CSM List
DP with lash/wings
2-10 Zerker squads with 1 pfist champ and 1 Plasma Pistol in rhino
2- 10 CSM squads with 1 pfist champ and 2 meltas in rhino
2- 3 oblit squads
1 Tri Las Pred
1 Land Raider with 4 termies loaded out with 1 Cfist on champ and 3 combimeltas +1 hvy flamer
Feels super small for 2500 but I hope it does ok.

At least I got 11 LasCannons to fire which might be ok but with IG pounding me I dont think it would do too good.  Its all painted and looks good and I know Huron is not uber but I play better when I have some fluff.

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