Monday, May 24, 2010

Kubla INC

Its the last week of May finally and Kulba Con is right around the corner.

I have convinced myself to move forward with my Sisters army even tho I would probably do better with my CSMs in both painting and playing.  But I want to give the girls a chance to shine.  Last year I used CSMs and pretty much chundered  my first games.  Hopefully this year it goes better for the girls and I am a better player than a year ago.

My list is looking like this:
Palatine: Bolter book
Celestian Retinue: 2 Meltas
Immolator smoke
3 Celestian Squads 2 meltas in Immolators smoke\
3 Battle Sister Squads with Superior with book, 1 Melta 1 Flamer in Rhino with Smoke
1 Battle Sister Squad just with bolters and Superior with Book
3 Exorcists
Thats 11 tanks and scarily enough I have the all.

The one change I am thinking is taking the Bolter girl squad out of a rhino and just making them foot.  That way I could put some combi-meltas on the Sister Superiors and maybe a power weapon on the Palatine.  Having one foot squad isnt too bad and I hate the way my rhino looks that I tried to make work for both girls and CSMs.  The other idea I am pondering is taking out the hvy flamers with the girls and putting in more meltas.  I can logistically do this but would have some speed painting to accomplish to get those girls ready.

One the plus side I am almost done with the repaint of all the Exorcists and will try and post some pic soon.  I am pretty happy with them and the ghetto Immolator that I finally fixed up last week.

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