Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ard Boyz 2010 report (Game2)

Game 2 was way different from Game 1.

Since I got creamed in game 1, I was sent out of the big kids room and exiled to the pokemon room with my opponent.  It made me feel a little sad but at least we had plenty of space, my opponent and his buddy who was watching were cool and we had the choice of terrain.  Also, a little breather from the massed smell of manflesh in the big room was nice :).

My opponent was playing the new BA for the first time and just got a good asswhooping from an Eldar player.  I dont have his list but from memory it had:
Dante with Sanguinary Guard
Librarian of some sort with an Assault squad
2 Furioso Dreadnoughts in Drop pods
2-5 man Squads of Sanguinary Guard with some other IC.
1 Tac Marine squad in Drop Pod

So there was none of their new flyers or Deep Striking Land raiders that I had been fearing but I was pretty scared of the new Dreadnoughts and ICs.

I got the roll to go first and set up in the corner and he deployed his Lib with troops hidden in cover.  I probably should of forced him to go first with the drop pods but I wanted to get everything out there.  I decided to lash up his lib squad and just obliterate it.  In an insanely crappy roll I rolled 3 Ones for the Plasma overheats and basically didnt do anything.  I got to shoot at a couple with lascannons but it was pretty bad.
On his turn he moved up with that squad and then drop in his 2 dreads.  They took their shots but blew their rolls as well so we were pretty even.

On the 2nd turn the dice started to turn for me.  I was able to assault his librairain with huron, the termies and a DP.  Basically the DP and Huron just cleared them off the the table.  Also my oblits and pred were able to stun one and destroy the other dread getting them off the table.
On his turn he was able to get another 2 Sanguinary guards down and missed the LR but other than that he was stuck in place. Dante also came down and immobilized the pred

On turn 3 I was able to bring my whole army down on his remaining forces.  The other dread got popped right away by the oblits and then I charged the other Sanguinary squads with zerkers, huron, termies and the DP.  They all got wiped off the table.  All that remained for him was Dante hanging out by my pred.
On his turn he moved up Dante and popped my LR.  His last tac squad came down and that was it.

On turn 4 I cleared Dante and the other Sanguinary guard off and wheeled around the rest of my army to finish off the tac squad.  At that point we called the game.

I felt sort of bad since the list wasn't really tuned and was fed to my troops piecemeal.  The Sanguinary guard really dont scare me since they seem so small and not much different from just normal marines.

Overall it was an entertaining game for me and I think my first game really got me into the mode for playing my CSMs.

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