Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ard boyz 2010 report (Game1)

Got to attend my first Ard Boyz and had a lot of fun.  The venue was great as always with solid opponents and a great atmosphere.  We are very lucky in the South Bay Area to have Game Kastle and I hope they keep doing well.  My only minor complaint is that none of the employees are big 40k players now so its a little rough for them to be good refs.  Luckily there are enough experienced players that issues get resolved quickly by consensus.

So,  I brought my CSM army that I posted a couple of days before and didnt do too badly.

First Game:  JeffKs CSM army
2 Slannesh DPs wings/Lash
2 Chosen, 5 man squad 3 meltas/2 flamers in Rhinos with Combi-Plasma
2 10  CSM squads with Lascannon and Plasma Gun
1 10  CSM squad with 2 flamers, champ w/pfist&combi-melta
1 10  CSM squad with 2 melta, champ w pfist&combi-flamer
1 10 Plague marine squad w/2meltas
3/3 oblit squads

Not too much different than mine except for the 2 DPs and extra oblit squad.
Just to make a quick note here:  This was my first tourney game in over 6 months and first game against someone that isnt Captn Dees in over 5 months.  So I rolled to go first and deployed.  Not the best deployment but I thought it was ok.  My big problem was that I deployed the oblits into cover so that they could get some shots.  Unfortunately JeffK deployed himself expertly with rhinos providing a great shield wall.  I then dorked all my Oblit shots and in retrospect I should of shot Plasma Cannons at the rhinos and tried to splash the units behind them.  Deployment was the first of many lessons this game.
On his turn he blew the crap outta my oblits leaving me with one and then he moved up.  I won the roll for the objective placement and had a nice group of 3 on my side of the table.  I was planning to just try and hold on to these and play for the minor victory/maybe tie.
Turn 2 I rolled out the LR with Huron to try and hit the DPs.  I lashed one forward and hit it with all I had, killing it.  I had some weak shots on the rest his army with no real effect.
JeffK countered with superior oblit fire and wasted Huron's unit and then finished it with his Death Guard and other DP.  Also by this time he had started moving into the center and took out my LR and another rhino. He also came in with chosen on my right side.
Turn 3 I moved up my zerkers and tried to kill his Death Guard since it was a troop and eventually got it.  I still had all my troops and was on the objectives so I was hoping I would get a tie at this point.  Like a moron I allowed one of my CSM squads to get pulled off to deal with the chosen when I should of ignored them.
On his turn he wiped my zerkers, and mauled my CSMs that I pulled to attack his Chosen.  My rhinos started taking a pounding but he was rolling pretty crap.
The rest of the game was really just him picking apart my units that were on the objectives.  I tried to make him work for it but gradually he got them all.  I blew a difficult terrain test with one of my rhinos which made it impossible for me to block an objective but that was about it.  I also didnt know that you could Lash someone into dangerous terrain but I learned that lesson as well.
Overall this game I was out played.  JeffK didnt really roll well but he blew me off the table.  I got massacred but have to say it was a real enjoyable game.  It was very cool to watch someone play CSM so effectively and it truly helped me for my next 2 games.
Big lessons from this one:

  • Get oblits anyway possible even if it's with PC splash or hide your obits turn one if you can shoot at his oblits or other things that can kill yours. Not having 5 oblits was a big blow from turn 1.
  • Dont come out of your LR unless its perfect.  Make him pop it then hit him with a charge.
  • Ignore chosen(nonscoring units) on your flanks if you have objectives to worry about.  I could have covered an objective with a rhino and forced him to pound on it all game.  Instead I chased a nonscoring unit and blew it.
  • Lashs can put you in dangerous terrain.  Should of known this and I think in the back of my brain I did.

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