Friday, May 21, 2010

Ard boyz 2010 report (Game3)

On to game 3 at ard boyz.
For me this one was the most fun.  Very cool new opponent who I had never seen before at GK, I got to play the new nids for the second time which was exciting for me and I was pretty amped up from my last game.

We got the snow board at GK which I have had some really bad luck on.  This time it was set up way better with a little more cover on the other side.  My last time on it, I got an asskicking and played a really crappy game.  This time I was determined to not let that happen.

His list looked like this:
Tyranid Prim
Nid Warrior Brood with nasty CC stuff and one with a venom cannon
Nid Warrior brood Death spitters and one with one with CC stuff
Parasite of Mortrex: Some flying thing
Ymgarl Genestealers 7
Zoanthrope Brood in Pod
The Doom of Malan'tai
2 Tyrannofex
2 GeneStealer Brood 5
Carnifex brood 3
3 Spore Mine clusters 3 in each one

Tyranid stuff is totally new to me so I really had no clue what these guys really did.  I did fear the big cannons deals he had on the board and the Carnifexs since they had mauled me in the past.

I deployed first and put my troops in an arc with the oblits in cover on each flank and the core of my troops in the middle or behind the oblits to protect them from nids.

He moved his mob in the middle and geared toward the his left side with warriors and the crazy named dude in cover.  Doom, GSs and the Zoes where in reserve

Turn One:  I got to go first  (YAY)
I starting picking him down with oblits and lascannons from the LR/Pred.  Killed one Carni and got a wound on another.  Moved oblits to better cover and hunkered down my troops
His turn, he bombed my LR right away with a shot from his STR 10 cannons.  I was a little stunned but I lose that thing every game and its what it's for.
Turn 2
Moved Huron/Termies up with DP hiding.  Used the oblits to start hitting those cannons and putting wounds on them.  The DP peaked over and lashed the carnis up and then huron/termies went at em with meltas and then a charge.  Wiped those out which made me happy.
His turn, he shot at the rhinos but didnt pop anything and charged my Oblits with the crazy named dude. The Oblits stepped up, lost one and then put the hurt on that dude.  He went down to a pummeling of Pfists.  His Zoes and other DSers/outflankers didnt come in and it was looking pretty good for me.
Turn 3
I now turned all my Las fire on his Cannon things and killed one while wounding the other.  I pulled back huron and his termies since i didnt want them charged by the warriors and started to creep my other troops up.
On his turn he dropped in the Zoes which popped a rhino and started to scare me, one GS and the freaky GS came out.  The GS up to get near the guys from the rhino and the freaky ones came in where the Oblits were who then stepped on 4 of them right off.  He jumped those out the window and then they charged some zerkers.  That worked pretty well for me since the zerkers were able to hand it to them pretty badly.  His cannon took some shots but that was about it.
On my turn Huron + DP and Termies moved on the warriors and charged them.  I hit them with flames and bolters then went in.  My lascannons worked some more on the cannon deal and started in on the Zoes + Drop pod.  I also moved up my CSMs to start getting in on things since only the doom and one more GS squad was out there and brought up the zerkers to hit the zoes.  Huron and DP killed the Warrior HQ dude and mauled the warriors pretty bad.  He got some payback and knocked out most of the termies but he was reeling
On his turn he popped the other rhino and mauled up a zerker squad pretty good and then rushed some more zerkers with his GS's which just got mauled.  The other GS came in but on the other side and thats about it.
Turn 4
Zerkers hit the Zoes and DP/Huron were now in the thick of Warriors and lost their remaining termies.  My CSMs charged up and finished the cannon thing and started to move in support of Huron and would be ready to charge in next turn.  His turn wasn't the best and he was pretty much wrapped up in CC with my guys.
Turn 5
I knocked out the Zoes and remaining warriors and now turned everything to the last GS squad.
Doom finally came in and could have been a game changer but I only lost Huron to it.  The rolls just didn't happen there.
Turn 6
I knocked the GSs around and got them to run since they had no synapse which ended the game.

My opponent was great this game being a great sport and gamer.  He took a pounding on the dice and in the action but never said one thing negative or acted anything but gracious.  On the rules he was fast and we did a lot of die roll decisions to get things to move along fast.  He was an example about why I like playing in tourneys at GK, you met some great people and have some great games.
Overall the tourney was a lot of fun for me and I really enjoyed the games/opponents.  Of course I enjoyed winning some games but really just liked hanging out and getting to know new people and people I had met before better.  Unfortunately I wont be able to play again until August in a tourney at GK but some of the same guys that I played against are all going to be at Kubla next week which should be awesome.  I do have some pics which I will try to sneak in today.

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