Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sisters 1850 and ready to rumble

Here they are.

I have a little work to do in cleaning up an Immolator which I just busted off a ram from.  But other than that here it is.  The Celestians and tanks are all nice but I am not 100% sold on the bulk troops being acceptable.
So for a final list I am going with
Palatine with Psword with Celestian Ret, 2 meltas  in an Immolator with Smoke
3 Celestian Squads with 2 Meltas in Immolators with Smoke
3 Battle Sister Squads with 1 hvyFlamer, 1 melta, Vet superior with book and combi-melta in rhinos
1 Battle Sister Squad on Food with just bolters
3 Exorcists
And if you are curious that 100% metal Minis.

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