Friday, August 14, 2009

Units of Suckage

Thinking more about changes that would be cool for Witchhunters in a new Codex and I started thinking about units that just suck in the Codex. I know everyone has some stinkers but these are a special breed.

The Acro-Flagellants: First off this unit is an awesome mini and has great character in the game. On many levels I think it is very cool and it was one of the first miniatures I grabbed when making an army. I loved painting him and have even been thinking of throwing them in some Simple Green so that I can do them again because my skills have improved over the 2 years.

But: These units are ultra expensive and just end up falling flat when I field them. The D6 rolls can be cool but killing your own units that cost as much as a CSM terminator is not. The cost is outta hand for these; 35 points and it really needs to be brought into line with the newer codexs.
To fix this unit: If you want to give them random death they should at least cost the same a Possessed CSM at 26 points. That still is pretty high since they can easily kill themselves but at that level I might think of throwing them in for character.

Also why is a Priest needed? When I have encountered these in the Black Library books the Inquisitors seem to have access to these with out a priest. The Priest is an ok unit but sorta sucks when mixed with Sisters due to the Holy Rage stuff.

Needless to say I love this model and love the lore behind it. I would really like find a way to field it competitively and hopefully it will be addressed in a new codex. I would also love to see what GW mini sculptors would do with this piece in a new model.


  1. sorry late response one of the best box sets for WH as no upgrades are needed no extra figures to purchase except a priest. so utter useless so overly expensive may have a use in planet strike as a attacker choice.


  2. I've been wondering if anyone actually fielded these units. It's too bad to hear that they fall flat :( They seem like they could be a lot of fun.

  3. Its just that their cost is so high. Once you see that a CSM player can get a Terminator for this it makes them hard to justify.

    But if they ever got in close they could cause some serious grief for a Termie player if they landed some hits.

    I think if they brought their costs down to about 25 and let them fleet without killing themselves it would be great.