Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sisters Night out

Here are my girls fighting off the Hand of DOOM.

This was my third game of the night. After 2 games against CSMs I got to do another go against Ryan's Seer council. I think I am starting to get the handle on them and now understand how they work. For me that always takes a couple games to understand a new unit and know how to handle it. I think the saying "You can only hope to contain them" is true with the Seer Council" and if you can survive a charge, a unit can hold them down for a long time. It was alsoan interesting night since the CSMs I played were my own minis being played by someone else. After some aggressive arm twisting by himself I suspect that we may have another CSM player now in our group. I always love the logic of "If I don't spend the $300 right now on these mini's, I will only have to spend it later." I have talked myself into many questionable purchases with that logic in my time so who am I to judge.

Overall the night was typical for Sisters. Exorcists did really well and I am starting to think they are potentially the best tank buster in the game. D6 AP1 STR 8 shots is just devastating for Eldar and most Imperium tanks and if you are rolling well can just be crushing. But the rest of my army as usual had some problems. The Battle Squads did OK and got some good kills but I only had 3 squads which isnt enough. Another surprise for the night was that my Immolator really earned her spot in my list that night. With the TwinLinked Multimelta she killed a good number of tanks and really put out some good damage. She was able to roll around under the radar since people generally shot at my Land Raider or Exorcists all night. The Callidus Assassin did earn her points back in the first 2 games by killing Obliterator squads but she chundered in the 3rd game by getting whipped by Pathfinders. If they ever redo the Inquisition Codexes I really hope that at least they give Assassins Frag Grenades or something so that they can charge into cover.
Fun night as always and hopefully the trend continues of getting in regular games.

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