Friday, August 21, 2009

CSM 1K list

Thinking about the 1k Tourney got me pondering a CSM list and what would be the most nasty list to throw out there.

HQ: 2 CSM Sorcerers with Lash
Troops: 2/6 man CSM squads with Melta in Rhino with Combi-Meltas
Elite: 1 Chosen 5 Man Squad in Rhino with 3 Meltas and 1 Flamer
Heavy: 2/2Obliterator Squads

Run the Sorcerers with the CSM rhinos and use the lash to create targets for the Oblits. Then have the Chosen as the finisher.

Don't know if it has enough units in it and might get overrunned by hordes but it might be cool.


  1. Why chosen? You still got a 3rd spot open in your Heavies for a Havok squad. Going with 5 Havoks with the same weapon load out would be much cheaper for melta spam IMO.

  2. The tourney is on a small board 4X4 so I was thinking of outflanking with the Chosen could be a strong push.

    I have been thinking about havocs but then they would be back like my rhinos.