Friday, August 7, 2009

Finished up Emperor's Mercy

Just finished Emperor's Mercy last night and have to say it was a little below average.

The overall story arc was pretty cool and I liked how he thought through the battle scenes and such. But the characters felt really flat and sort of fell short for me. I hate to say it but the female characters were written really poorly, especially Celemine. He needed to provide a lot more depth there and he really provided no push for motivation or depth of character. How many times do you gotta hear about the beautiful, powerful, kick ass woman that really has no motivation or reason for being there besides to say she is hot and kicks ass.

Also the main character Roth starts out strong then really doesn't make much progress. It is Henry Zou's first novel and he for sure did a better job than I could but I think I will pass on his next stuff. There is just so much better Sci-fi out there right now to read.

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