Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Revised Sisters 1k list

After pondering who my opponents might be in a 1k tourney I decided to revise my list.

New List
Canoness with Celes Retinue in Immolator EA with TLHvy Flam. 1 Hvy Flamer and 1 melta in Retinue and an Enviserator/Bolt Pistol/Book for Canoness
3 Rhinos EA/Smoke with Girls 1 Vet Sup with Bolter 1 Hvy Flamer 1 Melta
1 Exorcist EA
Rounds out perfectly to 1k and should be a pretty good list. I know it could handle those evil Lash DP or Nob Biker list maybe, but would get it handed it it by IG I fear.

Btw: That pic is for you Dan to get you all hot and bothered in your Male only work environment.


  1. I think you would be better off with a jump pack cannones and a 6 man seraphim squad then the celstian retinue and immloter also why evcirator and not blessed weapon?

  2. I like the immolator because its some light armor in a 1k game. The logic is that there shouldnt be too much anti-armor around and the TL Hvy Flamer is nice for hordes. I took an Eviserator also because I see the Canoness being more for tank busting or hitting MCs with a high STR then for straight up CC. Also with the Celestians having the 3+ to hit I could use faith to bump them to 5STR but then they all hit on Init 1. I worry about Seaphims being as effective with the propagation of AP2 templates that just wreck havoc on them.

  3. Nice I like the list