Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sisters HQ

Been thinking a lot about how to configure my Canoness,
The 2 options that I am thinking about are the Flying Nun or the Immolator Canoness .

The Flying Nun: She can be pretty awesome but you gotta run some Seraphim with her to give her some support. For 151 points you can give her a Jump Pack, Blessed Weapon, Inferno Pistol, Frag grenades, the Cloak (2+armor),
Mantle(insta death saver) and a Book(morale saver). She can be pretty effective at blowing up tanks and hitting weaker units. I think she needs a Seraphim squad to help screen her advance before she goes off hunting but I guess you could run her solo if needed. She is one of my favorite units and I like to use her a lot. I gotta post a pic of my custom mini that I put together and its one of my favorites

Immolator Cannoness: I have been running this recently and really like it. I threw an Canoness into an Immolator with a Celestine Retinue. Outfit her with an Eviscerator, Book and Plasma Pistol for 90 points and give the Retinue a Hvy Flamer, Melta and a vet superior with a Eviscerator. I also put the TL MultiMelta on the Immolator just to add in a little extra Firepower. Its a nice little unit and can be pretty tough. Since the size is small you can make all your saves invulnerable pretty easily and with 2 Eviserators dish out some damage. I especially like having the 3+ to hit with the Celestines on the CC.

I would love to get some input if anyone catches a glimpse of this post and hear what works for other players. There are not too many Sisters players in my area so hearing any new ideas or opinions really helps. I am starting to think that the Girls are pretty competitive in 5th edition and are a stronger mechanized army than people think.


  1. The last time I ran an all sisters army (about 6 weeks ago)I ran a Canoness with a blessed weapon, bolt pistol, frag, melta, and book, I attached her to a squad of Dominions with storm bolters (vss with SB frag book and 4 SB weilding sisters)in a standard Immolator. I was playing against I guard and faired very well but, against the Space marine army They killed a ten man scout squad before I was annihlated.


  2. Thats some nice assault fire action. I tired doing the Storm Bolter deal once with sister squads just to throw out a ton of FirePower but it never really worked well. I like the 4 Flamers or 2 flamer/2 melta combo too :).

    Space Marines are always mean to Sisters. Them and orks are the toughest for me.

  3. I do not believe anyone who knows the game thinks that sisters dont perform well in 5th edition as they mechinize very well and with shrewed use of faith points are very tough. That said, I will only play chaos armies now as I have decided all my all comer lists will be lists designed to deal with chaos

  4. I know my friends hate playing against my sisters now due to the importance of cover saves and the ability to negate them, deep striking Seraphim with flying nun and Faith...and I stay away from mechanized and exorcists I like fielding 101 models at 1850pts