Monday, August 3, 2009

Finished Legion and on to some Inquistion books

I really enjoyed Legion. What I have come to expect from Abnett; it was a fun, fast and a great read. The best part about Dan Abnett's books is that he consistantly adds to the 40k universe in ways that makes you want to play more. Every book that I have read has made me want to build an army to go along with it, even though I can't afford it right now. I have seriously thought about building up an IG, Iron Snakes and now Alpha Legion army just to go along with the books. Luckily I already had an Inquistion army or I would of thought to build those as well.

Great book but I wouldn't call it my favorite Abnett book. In no means is that a put down its just that some of the others are really good. My only disappointment was that I thought the ending sort of cut off pretty abruptly and I would of like to have seen more ends wrapped up. I know its moving forward with the Horus Heresy books and maybe he will return to the Legion but it would be cool for more closure.

I was able to pick up the Ravenor Omnibus this weekend as well as Emperor's Mercy from Henry Zou. I started Emperor's Mercy first because I want to try out a new author and I am excited that its about Ordo Hereticus, finally the order that I have minis for :).

The Ravenor one looks really great and I can't wait to dive in. I think Emperor's Mercy will go fast so I should be plowing through that one soon.


  1. I know how you feel about the power of Abnett's writing. Legion was amazing for many reasons, especially the delving deeper into the depths of 40k. Don't know if it's my favorite by him either, but wow nonetheless. Can't wait for the next HH book he does.

  2. I think his next book is some Space Wolves stuff. I hope it isnt too cool or I might get tempted to build a SW army :).

  3. There were these Sci-Fi books I read a long time ago and I can't remember for the life of me what they are called. It's kinda driving me nuts.

    They are eastern in flavor..where China had essentially taken over the world but Western civ basically took them over. And it was very similar to the way Warhammer 40K has the spires on their cities etc. Gotta remember the series since I'd love to go back and read it again.

    As far as Abnett goes. He's a fantastic writer. As an Eldar player I'm bummed the major Eldar books were written by C.S. Goto who is I think arguably the worst writer on the Black Library staff. I just don't like his style of prose at all.

  4. Chungo Kou
    I think thats the books you are thinking of.
    The first 3 were pretty cool but then if I recall it got really strange. The flying Aborigine Martians was sort of a breaking point for me. I remember liking the battle and sex scenes. It's always fun to read about a "young prince" who has access to the most beautiful women in the world :).