Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeil

Another solid book in the Horus Heresy series.  As a 40k player these books are really mana from heaven.  It is very cool to read about characters that you have in your miniature collection and know really well.  This book continues to build out some incredible back story for all the Chaos Legions and I enjoyed it very much.  I do wonder tho how much you would like these books if you didnt play 40k.  I think the books hold up pretty well to other military Sci-fi novels but I wonder if I cut them some slack cause I love the game so much.

Regardless, great book and its a very fun/quick read.

I have started to have some questions tho about where some stuff is going and wonder if we will ever see things in the main game.  These Silent Sisterhood girls are really starting to sound more and more like the pre-cursors of the Sisters of Battle or Culexus Assassins.  If and this is a big IF, they are redoing the =I= codex right now I wonder if they are re-writting the fluff completely.  The signs are there and it would be cool to tie the =I= into the who Horus Heresy books.

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