Monday, March 29, 2010


After much internal debate and some wise words from CaptDees.  I have decided to play Sisters at the Tourney.  I was potentially thinking of running an all Nurgle list with some bikers but I would just get pounded and be sad.

So this needs some playtesting and here is what I am thinking:

1 Palatine with Celes Ret in Immoator
3/5 Girl Celestian Squads in Immolators with 2 meltas
4/10 Girl Battle Sister squads 3 with 2 meltas 1 with just bolter with Vet Sups with books
3 Exorcists

No smoke on the exorcists and one girl squad with just bolters for holding a objective or just random havoc.

I have all the tanks right now and just need to build/paint an immolator.  I might need to get some other pieces together but I picked up 2 more melta girls at the GameKastle flea market and have 4 coming in from an Ebay win so I think I am set.

For this list I fear 2 things:  IG and my stupidity.  I will need to play every game for the draw and pull people to me to win so hopefully I can contain myself and not go for massacres.

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