Monday, March 22, 2010

Biting the pillow

Things didnt go well for my CSM list over the weekend.  Got whooped on twice by orks and then even took  a beating from a 1kSons army which was pretty sad.

The list I rolled with was:
CSM Sorcerer with Lash
7 PM squad with 2 meltas in Rhinos AC with Pfist
7 PM squad with 2 plasmas in Rhinos AC with Pfist
7 Zerkers with  AC pfist
Landraider for Kharn and Zerkers
2/2 oblit squads
2/5man Chosen Squads with 3 meltas

thats it and it sucked.  I really want to field my Land Raider since its the center piece of my army right now but I am really questioning if its going to be effective.  When I look at the girls I can field at 1850 I really wonder why  am bothering.

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