Friday, March 19, 2010


I am thinking of jumping into a Fantasy Army and have caught myself staring at the Skaven.

The new models are rad and I love the wheel of doom.

But I have heard some poopy things about Warhammer Fantasy so I am a little worried about making the plunge in. IF anyone has any input about the pros of Fantasy and if it stands up to 40k or other systems please post.


  1. I've only ever played mordhiem so can't comment but i'd suggest fluttering your eyes at some one with a skaven army who'd let ya have a turn or 2 with them. But agreed they are nice figs.

  2. WHFB just like 40k changes through incarnations.. Yes there can be imbalance, etc. - but the game won't go away.. I still have fun playing fantasy - there are a number of army books as out of date as DE in 40k..

    I wouldn't suggest skaven as a first army though unless you are using some very fast method of painting - as there is little variety among the skaven models and you'll have to paint lots of them.

  3. I think that's about the gist of it. 7th edition is actually pretty good, but there are probably 1/2 the books which are still old and need love. 8th edition is later this year and they are cranking out more armies than ever so... I think it will be a fun!

  4. I've decided I'm waiting for 8th and finishing the Eldar and Red Scorp Armies. Not too long to wait for 8th in the meantime.

  5. Skaven and the Beastmen are the 2 that I have been gravitating to. I like the idea of the Empire as well because of Flagellants and halflings.

    To delay the decision I went ahead and ordered Kharn yesterday from GW and have some bids going for some melta girls.

    Thanks for the feedback