Monday, January 18, 2010

Plague Marines batch done

Got the big batch done and can now ad in 8 more Plague Marines to my arsenal.  Now I just need a couple more rhinos and maybe some Meltas and I will be good to go for the tourney.  I feel like Rhinos are the bane of my existence but I need just a couple more to complete this army.


  1. Complete with good looking bases. Nice job!

  2. Nice paint job, just cuz your a devoted follower of the plague god don't mean you have to be a dozen shades of bile green. You've made that work really well and yes nice bases!.

  3. thanks

    I was scheming to make the Plague Marines fit in with my other Red Corsairs and didn't want them to be the traditional colors. I did hit them with a pretty heavy dark green wash and some yellow/green highlights to bring out the undead in them. I will post some more pics of the whole group.