Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1500 Tourney Coming up

I made a tactical decision to pass on the last tourney at Game Kastle so that I could spend some time with the kids, go to a bday party and give my wife a little morning break. So now I have earned enough good will to be able to play in the Feb 6 tourney coming up.

Once again the eternal debate begins to rage about whether or not to use Sisters or CSMs.

I think I could squeeze in another Immolator or another Exorcist into the list and I would really like to have another Battle Sisters Rhino as well for my girls. For CSMs I was looking at 3/ 7 man squads of vanilla CSMs, 2 Chosen 5 man squads in Rhinos with 2 meltas, and 3/2 Oblit squads, with 2 CSM sorcerers leading them.

I got some work to do in order to get together the lists and work on some models but I think I can get it all together. Hopefully this tourney will go well for me and I won't chunder in the brain this time.


  1. I think you go CSM's this time, and spend the next month solely playing them to 'get in the groove' of the army. I know flopping between the armies is fun, but just playing one army consistently will help you on the big game day at knowing what squads can and can't do imho.

  2. coming from the guy that popped to Templar overnight :).

    Just messing. I think you are right. I think might make the army a little more fluffy just for kicks because I am loving how my new Plague Marines turned out and think it could be pretty cool.