Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brush battle

Recently I have been trying out a couple new brushes and deviated from my usual Raphael 8404 3/0. One is the Connoisseur 007 Kolinsky Round: I picked this one up at an Art Store in Santa Cruz because I thought it was on sale but it really wasn't. It cost me $18 and was a let down. The staff was nice at the store but got a little snooty when I asked for Raphael's and I had to endure comments like; "Do you want to spend that much on a brush you paint miniatures with?". It was rather annoying especially since you can get them at Dickblick for $8 and they told me they usually cost $24 for the one I wanted. So after I told one of the ladies who worked at the store not to touch my kid (it was rather creepy, this lady who worked there seemed nice but couldn't keep away from my 3 months old so I eventually told her to her back off). I felt bad and bought some brushes. To sum it up the brush sorta sucked. I am pretty tough on brushes but this one is burning out fast. It also doesn't hold or spread paint as nicely as the Raphaels which I found far superior. I was a wee bit bummed out cause I could of ordered 2 of them from DickBlick but at least I tried something new.

Last week I picked up a new Windsor and Newton Series 7 at Game Kastle to use up my Gift Card and I have been very happy with it. So far I have used it for about 8 minis and it is holding up really well. Its a very nice brush and for sure gives the Raphael's a run for their money. So far its held up a little better than my last batch of Raphael's but I was pretty harsh on those brushes. Overall its a great brush and I might have to order a batch of them once this one burns out.

So to sum up: I highly recommend both the Windsor&Newton Miniature brushes and the Raphael's. If you order them online you can save a ton of money and these brushes are really far superior to the GW and other mini company brushes. They have really helped me with detail and with great brushes painting really is way more enjoyable.


  1. Why would you ever let someone get close enough to touch your 3 month old kid?

  2. She was in her little stroller and the lady kept hovering and cooing over her. You would be surprised how people get really close to babies and need to be told to back off.