Monday, January 4, 2010

More rumors for Mr. Stickmonkey on Warseer

* All inquisition units to get new models...eventually
* Codex: Inquisition to combine all orders of =I=
* GK being focused on for release, Sisters 2nd wave
* No allies, but indoctrinated units will include choices from other Imperial armies
* No faith points
* Lots of Psychic Nullification
* Lots of Ignore Invul
* Another flyer/transport kit Valkyrie-sized being planned for release
* GK models may see light of day early tied into another product release. (commentary: I hear rumors of a Space hulk expansion being planned, but they are vague and disorganized, so much salt needed here)
* Release window is not 2010 for C:I
* Imperial Assassin now a single unit, culdex, Caladeus, etc all gone. Unit will have numerous lethal options. Very Expensive."

One the plus side: New units, a combined codex (which I think will be cool), new models that could be rad, w00t a flyer. Psychic Nullifications and Invul save removers (which I would love).Maybe they will finally let Sisters get Incinerators.
On the negative side: No Faith Points :(: This makes me a little sad but if they just make them inherent abilities for certain units that could be ok. No 2010 release :(. Another year but in some ways thats ok since I am cash strapped now and would have a hard time justifying to the wife that I have to have this $60 flyer.

Overall this could be really cool. Some new diversity to Sisters would be pretty awesome since it seems that it has become an one list army. I would love to see PEs, Repentia's and Arco-flags become effective units. Hopefully something like this is in the works.

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