Monday, November 22, 2010

been sucked into World of Tanks

Since I am about to hit 300 battles in World of Tanks I can now solidly say that I love the game.

If you like tanks at all (who doesnt) and like to blow shit up, this is a great game.  The only caveat is that the game is brutal.  I got to ask the developers about it at GDC Online and they just explain it this way:  "Hey we are Russian, we have no problem getting killed over and over again in order to figure something out." I hope Americans dont puss out and get scared off when they get rolled starting out.

If you grab the game throw me a holler.  I am Astrothumps in there.


  1. Let me give you a tip.

    One round of tanks is the same time it takes for a coat of paint to dry.

    Im just saying ;)

  2. So true

    but i get so jacked up playing between the arty, tank and anti-tank that I dont take a break.
    I am looking forward to the release just to see what new tanks and tech tree stuff comes in.