Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting ready for 2k tourney

Game Kastle is hosting a 2000 point tourney this weekend and I am pretty excited.  This will be my first 2k tourney and hopefully my CSMs do well.

I am resting the girls this time and have decided to go with the Original BadAss himself: Abaddon.  So this is the list:
DP with Lash/wings
1 Termie Champ with Cfist and cmbiMelta with 3 Termies Icon of Tzeen, 2 combiMeltas in
Land Raider with Extra Armor.  This is where Abaddon will ride.
1 CSM 10 man squad in Rhino 2 meltas with Champ with pfist
1 CSM 10 man Lascannon, melta with Champ with pfist
1 CSM 10 man Lascannon, plasma with Champ with pfist
3/2 Obliterator squads

Small army but hopefully Abaddon gets some action.  I am hoping to match up with some armies where Abaddon can truly shine.  But even if I get destroyed at least I will get to make a run at having the ultimate badass.

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