Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Undead army

So now that Grey Knights have been pushed back to March or whatever I have decided to take on a project I have always wanted to do.  I am going to start in on a true Undead Fantasy Army using the Mantic minis.  The minis look cool and for $120 I can get 80 Skeletons, 60 Zombies, 40 Ghouls, 40 Revenent knights.  That is more than enough to start basing a nice Vampire Count army around.  I plan on getting all the named Heroes and such from GW but like the idea of supporting these guys.  I also will get the new rules too so it might be a cool thing to try out.

I still have one last CSM project to finish: My nurgle Bikers but that should go fast.  Now I just need to scrounge up the money.  I have resorted to doing a couple User Experience studies to make it happen which makes me feel a little cheap.


  1. Yay, maybe I don't have to play HE every game now. :)

  2. Watch out for what you wish for, VC's are overpowered and only Teclis can even make a game out of it