Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thinking Ard Boyz

I am seriously starting to consider doing Ard Boyz this year and want to start planning now.  The Bay Area the event is in May but I am still going to have to gather some minis to play and do a lot of painting/modeling to be ready.

Right now the list I am thinking of is:
Daemon Prince, Wings, MoS, Lash
4 Terminators: 1 ChFt, 1 PF, 1 Hvy Flamer, 2 CombiMeltas, 1 Champ with PF and CombiMelta
Land Raider with Daemonic Possession
2/5 man Chosen Squads in Rhinos with 3 meltas
3/7 man Plague Marine Squads in Rhinos with 2 meltas and a champ with a PF
2/3 Oblit Squads
1 Trilas Pred

2498 Points

I know that Typhus is a little fluffy but I think he would be fun to run and will theme well with the PMs.  I like this list at least on paper.  With 11 Lascannons (3 of them TLed) this could be a nice anti-mech list.  It wont match a IG list but it could kill some Chims and Rhinos pretty easily.  Also with the 2 Chosen squads and meltas all throughout the army it should have some nice hvy tank killing power.  I have no idea how it would match up against the new nids but with the flamers mixed in and Termies I should be able to put some hurt on them.

To make this happen I only need to buy Typhus which is pretty cool.  I already have another Rhino in pieces that I need to get together and paint as well as another that I started this weekend.  I will also need to finish the conversion of my Land Raider into a full-on Nurgle monster but thats about it.

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