Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book review: Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter

I finished this book on my last trip but didnt get a chance to right up anything about it.  I had been reluctant to pick this book up since I havent been overly impressed with his short stories.  But I have to say I really enjoyed the book.  Not as much as the Abnett or McNeil books but overall it was a good read.  He has his own style and the story carried over nicely from the other 2 books with some good closure of storylines.  It is getting a little confusing with all the characters and since I read the books out of order by reading Fulgrim first I knew a little bit more about the Emperor's Children characters making it seem a little out of joint.  But it's a  very cool book and I probably should of read it first instead of skipping it to move on to Fulgrim.  I am debating on picking up The Flight of the Eisenstein but I haven't been too impressed with Swallow's short stories so I am not sure.  I cant wait for the new McNeil book and hopefully Abnett was start to feel better so that his 1ksons book can hit the stores as well.

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