Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally got in some games

I finally got a chance to play some games last night which was great.  We have had a lot of game days/nights fall through and I have been super flaky recently with the new job/3 kids keep me busy, so I havent been able to play much.

Luckily, Captn Dees was able to come over with his Drop Pod Templar list and we got to play 2 games.  I really like the Drop Pod dynamics since it gets the game going right away and there is no pussy footing around.

For the games I fielded my Plague marines army:
Nurgle Chaos Lord with PowerSword and Combi-Melta
DP with wings
2/ 7 man PLague marine squads with Champ-pfist and 2 meltas in rhinos
1 7 man Plague Marine Squad with champ-pfist and 2 meltas with Lord in:
1 Land Raider with Daemonic Possession
2/5 man chosen squads with 3 meltas in rhinos
2/2 oblit squads

The templar
Marshall with TH and SS
Chaplain with a psword (?) and a combi melta
Emperors champion
3 BT squads with their neophytes and normal SMs melta and pfist
1 BT squad with melta and pfist
2 Dreads with Mmeltas and pfists
3 Speeders with Hflamers and Mmeltas

all the dudes and dreads in Drop Pods which I think brings it to 6 pods total.  Seeing all those Pods can be intimidating but when I am playing my CSMs I dont really mind.

First game was 2 objectives and I choose to go second.  I decided to place everything in reserve and just roll out on him after he had dropped down.  I only got one PM squad to come out the first turn where as he got about 60% of his army out on turn 2.  I wussed it a bit by putting the PMs off on the side to engage the speeders which I am still debating and whether or not that was smart.  He proceeded to drop on the objectives and start to secure them right away.  Gradually the rest of my army came on and in typical CSM fashion they started to kick some can.  The game was pretty bloody but in the end he had one dude hanging on to my objective even tho I had whooped on 2 squads and a dread there.  So I lost but the army did ok.

Second game was kill points.  This gave me a pretty nice advantage since I had 14 KPs to his 20.  I decided to deploy this time in a little ring.  Maybe I should of bubble wrapped my tanks but I decided to just throw them out there with smoke.  On turn 2 when his pods started raining down he got 2 rhinos right off the bat.  My response was pretty effective with the killing of a squad, dread, 2 pods and I think a speeder.  I also engaged his Marshal with the DP, Lord and PMs right away.  I chundered a bit on the rolls but I felt like I was doing ok.  For the next couple of turns it was pretty back and forth and just as I started to really pull ahead I executed a stunning display of horrible rolling (once again).  Luckily I was able to eek out a victory but we called the game a little short because one of my little girls refused to go to bed and was making eyes for the templar.

Overall it was a lot of fun to get some games in and it reminded me that I miss playing quite a bit.  My kids arent 100% ready to have people playing minis in the next room but they are getting closer.  Maybe in a couple months we can give it another shot.  Unfortunately, I am going to miss the next tourney due to a tradeshow but thats ok since I would rather be employed and having a good time in SF.  I am hoping to do the upcoming doubles tourney at Game Kastle with  Soulcrusher's  IG army and I am very much looking forward to that.

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